Joey Coleman on Retaining Customers and Creating Amazing Client Experiences | Grow Your Clinic Podcast | 030

Joey talks about some of the amazing insights from his book, Never Lose a Customer Again, and gives us a fresh perspective on retaining customers, creating unforgettable client experiences and why it’s different from customer service, and how to differentiate yourself from a market full of low-priced and high quality services.


“The title ‘administrative’ is not really the sexiest title in the world. It implies, by the very nature of the language, that it’s a less important task, or it’s a more monotonous or more rote task for someone to do, when to your point, that’s the frontline of the client experience.”
“The therapists deliver the outcomes, but our admin team, they deliver the experiences.”
“We’re finding in the healthspace, the experience matters more than what a therapist does with their hands.”
“I see customer experience as a proactive activity, an activity that does its best to anticipate the type of feeling you want your customer to have at every touch point.”
“Customer service is more reactive. Customer service is usually who you talk to when something hasn’t gone as planned.”
“The best place to tell your stories is not necessarily in a printed magazine or on a radio ad or any TV commercial – it’s in the waiting room or the welcome room of your office.”
“It really is implicit on us as clinic owners to give our team incredible experiences, so that then they can translate that down to our clients.”



  • [0:00:58.7]  Differentiating yourself from the competition
  • [0:02:45.7]  Why it was a good idea for Jack to rename their admin team to Client Experience Officers
  • [0:04:50.3]  The importance of having an amazing welcome room experience
  • [0:06:31.9]  The difference between customer service and client experience
  • [0:07:43.3]  The First 100 Days (with a new client/patient)
  • [0:13:14.7]  Eight Phases of the Customer Lifecycle
  • [0:16:59.2]  Some advice on encouraging prospect clients to follow through with their first appointment
  • [0:21:19.5]  Turning the waiting room into a welcome room
  • [0:23:04.7]  How gifts and other touchpoints can play a role in the 100-day client journey
  • [0:26:01.7]  Mistakes businesses make when trying to integrate those different touchpoints
  • [0:27:37.7]  Mistakes businesses make towards the end of the 100-day client journey
  • [0:29:42.4]  Sharing client stories in the welcome room
  • [0:31:00.6]  Hurdles that people need to overcome to get started on designing the first 100 days
  • [0:33:52.2]  Best place for listeners to find out about Joey’s book

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