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Grow Your Clinic Podcast Episode 169

Managing a clinic business isn’t easy – we all know that. We don’t only manage the financial aspect of the business, we also take care of the people aspect, the relationship aspect, and it demands a level of business maturity and continued learning as a leader. Take it from our guest this week, clinic owner, osteopath, and business mentor Shane Bennett.

Despite the challenges and hard lessons he’s learned along the way, Shane was able to thrive and grow his clinic into a now multidisciplinary clinic, servicing more people than ever and providing jobs for people. And through his experience, he has also become a mentor and inspiration to other clinic owners.

In this episode, Shane shares his experience in starting and growing his business, and also talks about the key factors that drove his business to success.


  • [0:01:25.3]  Rapid fire questions: reading list, who inspires you, childhood aspirations, mott you live by
  • [0:05:32.1]  What inspired Shane to be an osteopath and starting his own business
  • [0:07:27.1]  Transitioning from being a fresh graduate to becoming a clinic owner
  • [0:12:55.0]  What factors contributed to the growth of Shane’s business
  • [0:16:48.2]  What Shane’s week looks like as a clinic owner, clinician, and a business mentor at Clinic Mastery
  • [0:19:03.4]  Biggest growth drivers for Shane’s clinic
  • [0:25:39.4]  How the Clinic Mastery Business Academy can help your business and personal growth



“Running a business is entirely different from being a clinician.”






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