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Grow Your Clinic Podcast Episode 199

Kim Scott, author of New York Times Best-Selling Book Radical Candor, talks about compassionate leadership and how to create a safe space in our workplace for giving and receiving feedback.

She also talks about the role of leaders in resolving conflicts, improving harmony and productivity in the workplace, and how clinic owners can apply the principles of Radical Candor in their own practice.

  • [0:02:22.6]  Kim’s Pediatric Clinic in Kosovo
Rapid-Fire Questions
  • [0:03:43.3]  Kim’s reading and learning list
  • [0:04:15.3]  Who inspires Kim?
  • [0:04:35.3]  Kim’s childhood dream
  • [0:04:52.4]  Motto you live by

“Be radically candid.”

What ‘Radical Candor’ Really Means
  • [0:05:12.8]  The picnic that changed Kim’s perspective about management, and what inspired her to write Radical Candor
  • [0:09:06.4]  Radical Candor vs. Obnoxious Aggression – Two ways of directly challenging the problem
  • [0:10:21.6]  Manipulative Insincerity vs. Ruinous Empathy – Why being “too nice” can be problematic
  • [0:17:44.2]  Getting over the fear of radical candor
Addressing Cultural and Communication Problems in the Workplace
  • [0:19:52.8]  One thing Kim would change about her book, Radical Candor
  • [0:24:33.8]  Kim talks about her new book, Just Work, and addressing workplace injustices
  • [0:28:45.3]  Advice to young professionals and clinic owners
  • [0:31:09.3]  Connect with Kim!

“When you’re pulling together a group of people to do something, it’s the same thing. It’s about giving feedback to a team of people so that they can achieve results.”

“Radical candor is about caring personally and challenging directly at the same time.”


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