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Joel Friedlaender, founder of Cliniko, joins us this week for another episode of the Grow My Clinic podcast!
He’s going to be talking about his personal journey towards creating Cliniko, the advantages of doing remote work and having a remote team, and some new features Cliniko will be having in the future.

We hope you enjoy this episode!


“One of the fascinating things about Cliniko is that it is so user-driven and user-based; there’s a strong community there and you seem to be very responsive. And that probably speaks to the type of company that you’ve built.”
“Every company has a different context. You can try to copy how another company behaves, but they have different customers, different size, different origins – whatever it might be, there’s a whole bunch of constraints and reasons that impact how that company behaves.”
“If I look worldwide, we get hundreds of applicants everytime we offer a job.”
“Transparency and being open and honest with you clients wins everytime. When you’re trying to protect and hide things from a clinic point of view, clients can sniff a rat a mile away. Sowing that transparency means you get the quality of clients and essentially a raving fan network.”



  • [0:00:29.6]  Joel let’s us in on what Cliniko is
  • [0:01:27.5]  The reason for creating Cliniko
  • [0:02:45.1]  Joel’s vision of Cliniko
  • [0:04:13.4]  The effect of being transparent to your customers, even when things go wrong
  • [0:06:17.7]  Why Joel and his team work at their own time
  • [0:07:38.3]  Joel talks about working remotely and their rules around taking vacations and holidays
  • [0:08:36.1]  Joel talks about some of the advantages in doing remote work
  • [0:10:45.2]  Has anyone ever abused the benefits of their unlimited annual leave?
  • [0:12:58.0]  The benefits of trusting your team to do good work without your supervision
  • [0:16:28.5]  Problems clinic owners usually wrestle with that Cliniko solves
  • [0:18:30.8]  Joel talks about Cliniko reports and why they’re enough
  • [0:20:02.1]  Future plans for Cliniko
  • [0:22:40.7]  Cliniko’s plans to integrate with other apps
  • [0:24:45.4]  How the best Cliniko users use Cliniko’s features to their full potential
  • [0:25:54.3]  Password management tools Joel and Jack uses
  • [0:26:08.5]  How Joel manages both client work and leading his team
  • [0:27:08.2]  How Joel keeps in touch with his remote team
  • [0:28:16.0]  Learn more about Cliniko

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