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Grow Your Clinic Podcast Episode 179

Introducing new tech to our clients and staff is a challenging task. We encounter resistance, doubts, and for some, even insecurities in using new tech. So how does a disruptive tech such as Medipass become so well-loved among clinic owners and users?

In this episode, Adrian Miles talks about how Medipass crossed the barrier from being an optional technology to becoming a staple tech for clinic owners. He also talks about their services and current trends in healthcare technologies.

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  • [0:01:11.7]  What is Medipass?
  • [0:04:21.3]  Rapid-fire questions: reading list, who inspires you, childhood aspirations, motto you live by
  • [0:08:01.7]  How Adrian ended up in the fintech industry from being a physio
  • [0:11:44.6]  Does getting an MBA make you a better clinic owner?
  • [0:13:36.6]  How Medipass improves on its services
  • [0:16:36.1]  The Journey: How Medipass became a must-have tech for clinic owners 
  • [0:18:17.4]  What inspired the creation of Medipass
  • [0:19:42.7]  Challenges in creating a disruptive technology with big stakeholders
  • [0:21:27.8]  How to get people to be excited with new tech
  • [0:23:13.6]  Making new tech attractive to new clients
  • [0:25:18.0]  Trends in healthcare technologies
  • [0:28:06.1]  Get to know more about Medipass


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