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Michael Rizk, owner and founder of iMovePhysio, is going to be giving us some tips on how to adopt to the fast-moving pace of your clinic’s growth.


“We are often paralyzed by opportunity. We just say yes to everything. We’re fresh, new, we’re gung ho. And often times, we say yes to everything not fully measured or understanding the magnitude of what we’re taking on.”
“My tip would be: don’t hide your culture. And if you’re not huge on social media, just make that really clear from the start, and you’ll find people that are dying to work for you instead of you trying to find people.”



  • [0:00:49.5]  How Mike got into physio
  • [0:02:06.6]  Why Mike studied exercise science
  • [0:04:05.1]  How long did it take for Dan and Mike to start iMovePhysio?
  • [0:06:36.2]  Managing the speed of your clinic’s growth
  • [0:08:55.9]  How Mike was able to find his clinicians in a short amount of time
  • [0:09:38.0]  Rejecting the wrong types of clients
  • [0:13:32.6]  Mike’s tips on adjusting to the lifestyle of a business owner
  • [0:14:59.9]  Learn more about iMoveU

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