Managing Your Practice with Nookal | Grow Your Clinic Podcast | 040

Darren Rieck from Nookal shares some of the really cool features of Nookal, a practice management software, managing a remotely-run business, and how data helps in managing practices better.


“How do you set a culture when you don’t see the person everyday, right? It’s still tough so we send out gifts via movie vouchers. We make sure we do video calls so you can actually see the person.”
“Data-led decisions lead to better outcomes, not only from a clinical point of view but also from a commercial point of view.”



  • [0:01:03.9]  Getting to know Darren Rieck and his business
  • [0:02:20.1]  What Darren loves and hates the most about being a practice owner
  • [0:04:00.0]  What made Darren start his own practice management software
  • [0:05:06.3]  The difference between running a software company versus running a clinic
  • [0:06:11.9]  How to inspire team members when they’re working remotely
  • [0:08:20.3]  Difference between a server-based software an a cloud-based software
  • [0:09:56.8]  How Nookal complies with GDPR and privacy
  • [0:10:42.5]  Nookal’s data encryption policy for patients’ data
  • [0:12:29.3]  Reports and data points, and some cool features users must not miss
  • [0:14:19.3]  Nookal’s occupancy report feature
  • [0:15:34.2]  What your CVA/PVA means to you and your clinic
  • [0:17:17.8]  Who can use Nookal?
  • [0:17:55.9]  Features of clinical notes and case notes
  • [0:18:56.6]  Some very useful features of Nookal that not a lot of users know about
  • [0:20:58.9]  Darren sums up the vibe of Nookal
  • [0:22:16.0]  Learn more about Darren and Nookal!

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