Managing Your Practice with the Jane App | Grow Your Clinic Podcast | 046

Trevor and Alison from the Jane app is going to walk us through the features of their practice management app, and gives us all the reasons for why it’s worth a try. They have charts, integrations, templates, drawing and writing features and so much more!

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“We just recently ran some stats on when people are using online booking the most, and it was 11am and 11pm.”
“When you’re looking at a practice management software, I recommend that people think about it from all of the people who are going to be interacting with it and not just one person.”
“So if you do a 45-minute treatment, you bill for an hour because you’re going to do 15 minutes of documentation. That is not ripping off your patients.”
“That branding, that experience that you’re giving people and how you’re presenting yourself, it does affect how much you can charge and how professional you come across.”



  • [0:00:41.5]  Jane’s backstory and the benefits of using Jane for your practice
  • [0:02:00.5]  When people are using online booking the most
  • [0:06:03.8]  Things to consider before subscribing to a practice management software
  • [0:08:02.2]  Features of Jane that are most useful to practitioners
  • [0:09:18.1]  Jane’s charts, drawings and templates
  • [0:10:12.7]  Creating an interactive user experience with body charts
  • [0:10:54.6]  Drawing/writing features of the app
  • [0:12:02.4]  Jane’s template library and template sharing
  • [0:13:08.6]  Jane’s support team and how they innovate
  • [0:14:48.4]  Customizable elements of Jane
  • [0:16:37.0]  Pricing and packages
  • [0:18:16.4]  Integrations
  • [0:19:52.5]  Exporting data from the Jane app
  • [0:21:56.3]  Learn more about the Jane app

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