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Sales lion and content marketing expert, Marcus Sheridan, shares some wisdom about the importance of content marketing and how it’s able to build a bridge of trust between you and your potential clients, which can then lead to bookings and sales.

Marcus is also an international speaker, and author of the book They Ask, You Answer, and was also referred to as the web marketing guru by the New York Times.

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“There’s only one reason that somebody would give a clinic their money, and that’s because they experienced this fundamental emotion that you and I call trust.”
“The building block of every single business in the world is the emotion of trust.”
“I understand everyone’s too busy until they value the thing (content marketing).”
“70% of the buying decision is made before the customer talks to the business.”
“What scares us away as consumers during this research process is when we don’t know.”
“Ignorance leads to inertia or inaction – [uncertainty] causes us to NOT pick up the phone.”
“Too often as experts, we allow ignorance to exist which induces inaction and/or fear.”



  • [0:00:50.6]  Marcus’s journey to becoming the trusted voice in content marketing, and how he overcame the 2008 financial crisis
  • [0:04:24.1]  How long it took for Marcus’s content marketing efforts to bear its fruits
  • [0:06:00.5]  Building trust from the social media platform and beyond
  • [0:08:28.0]  How to become the most trusted voice in your space
  • [0:10:48.1]  Hiring a person for content marketing if you think you don’t have the time to do it
  • [0:21:22.9]  Five things potential customers want to know before engaging with a company (The Big Five)
  • [0:26:59.1]  Why it’s a bad idea to keep your customers ignorant about the prices of your services and what happens when you’re transparent about it
  • [0:32:56.1]  The importance and benefits of educating your potential clients even if it means endorsing other competitors
  • [0:36:42.4]  Where should clinic owners start with content marketing?
  • [0:39:16.3]  Get in touch with Marcus Sheridan

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