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We have a very passionate guest this week on the Grow My Clinic podcast, and that is Michael Griffiths!
Michael is the founder of Referral Marketing Guru, the #1 authority on referral marketing training around the globe and today, he shows people how to generate more referrals, use their networks more effectively and use partnerships to fill their New Client funnel.


“Unlike any other form of marketing where it’s all about getting yourself in front of the right sources of people, referral marketing is what we call the best form because it’s not costing you a cent to be able to get other people passing you new business and new opportunities.”
“Partner to create win wins.”
“I don’t care about what you do or how you do it; whether you think you’re the best is irrelevant. What I care about is do I like you and trust you and actually want to help you?”
“So the right question isn’t “tell me more about your business” or “tell me what you do in business”, it’s just simply “tell me more about YOU.””



  • [0:01:03.0]  What is referral marketing and how can it be applied in a health practice?
  • [0:02:12.0]  Are referred clients better clients than your regular clients?
  • [0:03:53.1]  Michael’s journey to becoming a business owner and how he became the authority in referral marketing
  • [0:07:25.9]  How to do referral marketing to grow our clinics; Three areas a clinic owner must focus on
  • [0:07:40.3]  Area of Focus #1: Generating Referrals from Referral Teams
  • [0:09:26.2]  Area of Focus #2: Networks
  • [0:10:32.8]  Area of Focus #3: Partnerships with people who have the same clientele that we have
  • [0:12:15.4]  How to make your partnerships work
  • [0:14:38.7]  Current trends and best practices in referral marketing, referral marketing mistakes
  • [0:17:24.8]  Doing referral marketing right – what to do and say, building relationships with people, getting into partnerships
  • [0:21:42.3]  Listener Question: What’s the most effective way to keep those referral partners engaged in the mid to long term?
  • [0:23:30.2]  Michael’s parting advice for the listeners
  • [0:26:34.1]  Access Michael’s 9-Point Referral Game Plan!

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