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Grow Your Clinic Podcast Episode 186

Annie Strauch is one of our Clinic Mastery coaches, and her journey as a business owner and a parent is something that really amazes us.

The beginning of Annie’s business journey is quite unique. Annie became pregnant just three months into starting her business. Despite the challenges of having a new business, Annie was able to do her best as a leader at her clinic, and also kept herself healthy in preparation for childbirth. After having her newborn child, Annie continues to successfully manage her business from home while looking after her baby.

In this episode, Annie gives us some advice on how we can strike a balance between family life and business. She also talks about the importance of connecting with your team even as you work from home.

  • [0:02:13.8]  About getting pregnant and starting a business
  • [0:06:46.7]  How to manage a growing business and being a new mom
  • [0:09:24.8]  How much time do you need to take off if you’re a new mom?
  • [0:12:54.0]  Building a support system as your going through challenging times
  • [0:17:24.9]  Setting the business up to prepare you for parenthood and financial independence
  • [0:21:37.2]  How clinic owners can support team members who are soon-to-be moms
  • [0:27:28.8]  Business things to focus on while away from the clinic, getting in touch with team members even when away
  • [0:32:30.0]  Productivity tips for working from home


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