On Product Development, Improving Treatment Plans, and Sales Strategy (with Dan Jones) | Grow Your Clinic Podcast | 126

Grow Your Clinic Podcast Episode 126

Dan Jones from Archies Footwear started as a Physiotherapist before deciding to become a full-time businessman. Now, he manages and owns Archies Footwear, one of the most well-loved brands among athletes and health experts.

In this episode, Dan takes us behind the scenes on how they’re able to develop excellent products and the strategies and business principles he and his team stands by that makes their company and product successful and cutting edge.



  • [0:00:49.6]  What are Archies Footwear?
  • [0:01:27.1]  Rapid-fire questions: reading list, who inspires Dan, career choices when he was younger, motto Dan lives by
  • [0:04:32.3]  How the term “thong” has gotten Dan in trouble with international customers
  • [0:05:09.5]  How Dan got into Physiotherapy and what his journey was like
  • [0:05:52.5]  Challenges Dan had to face during the early stages of Archies Footwear
  • [0:08:30.5]  Becoming a full-time business owner
  • [0:09:30.6]  Advice for people who are in the early part of creating a business
  • [0:11:24.2]  How Archies Footwear has grown over the years
  • [0:12:23.7]  Things to do right at the start of your business venture
  • [0:14:16.2]  How to develop your products based on user feedback
  • [0:15:29.8]  Learning from the best: What do clinics do well when it comes to stocking Archies Footwear?
  • [0:17:23.1]  Adding value by recommending Archies Footwear (and other products you’re selling) to be a part of a patient’s treatment plan
  • [0:19:44.1]  Dan’s advice on how clinic owners could provide more value to clients
  • [0:21:21.2]  Know more about Archies Footwear!



“I’m not concerned about failure – I’m more concerned about not trying.”

“Coming up with an idea is the easiest part but the hardest part is everything that flows in between.”






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