On The Spotlight: Matt Harris on Finding New Breakthroughs in Your Clinic Journey and Supportive Leadership | Grow Your Clinic Podcast | 198

Grow Your Clinic Podcast Episode 198

Years and years of running your own clinic presents its own challenges. Despite the steady flow of income, you may sometimes find yourself wondering why your passion hasn’t been the same, and that you’re more exhausted than usual.

All of a sudden, running your own clinic business doesn’t seem to be that interesting anymore. And you’re not alone in feeling that way.

In today’s episode, Matt Harris talks about breaking through the monotony of doing the same old business, and how systems and modern solutions can help you and your team avoid unnecessary burnout.

He also talks about how to be a supportive leader and how investing in your own leadership and business skills can make your clinic more profitable in the long run.

Rapid-Fire Questions
  • [0:01:37.3]  Matt’s Reading and learning list
  • [0:02:05.9]  People who inspire Matt
  • [0:02:40.4]  Childhood aspirations
  • [0:03:13.3]  Motto you live by

“Don’t give up.”

How Matt Started His Own Clinic
  • [0:03:47.3]  From being a part of the police force to becoming an exercise physiologist
  • [0:04:12.4]  Why the shift to exercise science?
  • [0:04:55.3]  What inspired Matt to open Exercise For Life
From Feeling Trapped to Finding a Breakthrough
  • [0:05:39.1]  The challenging part about starting your own clinic
  • [0:06:40.0]  What it was like to open a clinic people were not familiar with and how Matt made it work
  • [0:07:18.1]  Matt’s Story Before Clinic Mastery: Feeling trapped after 14 years of managing the business
  • [0:10:03.6]  After Clinic Mastery: Having clearly defined systems, efficient implementation, and clarity in roles
  • [0:10:51.0]  An average week in the life of Matt Harris
Overcoming Your Insecurities and Other Leadership Insights
  • [0:14:46.0]  Insights on leadership and overcoming insecurities as a leader
  • [0:17:13.6]  Why coming off the tools and becoming a full time leader for your team is the best choice for your business
Future Milestones and Advice to Fellow Practitioners
  • [0:18:14.3]  Matt shares his goals before the year ends
  • [0:19:07.3]  The role of Clinic Mastery in Matt’s clinic growth journey
  • [0:20:50.1]  Matt’s advice to budding clinic owners
  • [0:21:36.1]  Leadership lessons learned throughout the years
  • [0:25:00.8]  Matt’s advice to long-time clinic owners
  • [0:25:49.7]  Connect with Matt

“The team is only as good as the system.”

“It’s my job that my team members feel supported 100%.”

“Leadership is borne out of being adaptable to the people around you; to understand that everyone is different, that everyone comes with their own values and skills.”


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