On The Spotlight: Nicole French on Finding Your Genius, Networking, and Being Purposeful | Grow Your Clinic Podcast | 196

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Grow Your Clinic Podcast Episode 196

Nicole French is the Founder and Director of a number of entities including Essendon Physio Group and Exercise for Rehabilitation and Health. In this episode, Nicole talks about the importance of networking and credibility in growing your clinic and how mentoring has helped her ‘find her genius’ and grow as a leader.

She also gives some tips on how to build your network for people who struggle with networking and working through your core purpose.

Rapid-Fire Questions
  • [0:01:36.6]  About Nicole’s organizations and clinics
  • [0:02:57.4]  Reading/learning list
  • [0:03:35.4]  Who inspires you?
  • [0:04:14.9]  What did you want to be growing up?
  • [0:05:00.4]  Motto you live by

“Integrity is doing the right thing even if no one else is watching.” -C.S. Lewis

The Beginnings of Nicole’s Clinic Journey
  • [0:05:27.7]  Why Nicole chose Exercise Physiology
  • [0:07:22.6]  Taking the Exercise Physiology message far and wide
  • [0:09:29.5]  Some career highlights as a Board Member of Primary Care Diabetes Society of Australia
  • [0:11:23.5]  What inspired Nicole to start her own clinic
  • [0:14:30.1]  The beginnings of a now 14-year-old practice – what it takes to start your own clinic
About Being Purposeful, Finding Your Genius, and Leadership
  • [0:18:21.5]  Nicole’s clinic before Clinic Mastery
  • [0:19:24.4]  A day/week in the life of Nicole
  • [0:21:24.9]  Nicole’s insights on leadership
  • [0:24:04.3]  Why growing as a leader is important and how your leadership affects clinic growth
  • [0:27:39.2]  Don’t just be busy – be purposeful
  • [0:30:28.8]  Working through your core purpose as a leader
The Value of Networking in Growing Your Clinic
  • [0:32:17.7]  Building relationships and networks and the role it plays in growing your clinic
  • [0:33:45.4]  Ways to network when you’re not the “networking” type
On Getting a Mentor and Advice to Clinic Owners
  • [0:36:24.9]  Advice to all kinds of clinic owners
  • [0:38:04.3]  The direct and indirect effects of coaching to personal and clinic growth
  • [0:41:39.5]  Connect with Nicole

“The work that I’ve done on myself has afforded me the perspective that not everything that goes wrong in the clinic is a huge deal. It’s always a learning opportunity.”

“Our work does not have to do with being busy; our work has to do with being purposeful and make great use of our precious resource, which is time.”

“Credibility is key in building relationships.”

“Successful practices are about building successful relationships.”


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