One Man, Three Roles: Chris MacDonald on Growing as a Clinic Owner, Leader, and Family Man | Grow Your Clinic Podcast | 213

Grow Your Clinic Podcast Episode 213

This week on the podcast, Chris MacDonald, Director of Eat, Speak, Learn, shares how he got into the business of clinic ownership despite his non-clinical background, and how he co-manages the clinic with his wife.

Chris also talks about how he unplugs from his clinic role after work, tips for starting a business with your partner/spouse, how the hiring process affects team morale, and how setting up systems has helped their team expand.

  • Rapid-fire questions: Reading list, role models, childhood dreams, and life motto  [02:02]
  • About Eat, Speak, Learn  [04:00]
  • Chris’s journey to becoming a  clinic owner without a clinical background  [05:00]
  • Dealing with impostor syndrome  [13:53]
  • Tips on recruiting new team members  [15:54]
  • Lessons learned when people leave your business  [17:15]
  • Leading the team + ESL’s team values  [19:28]
  • The future for the clinic eat speak learn  [27:24]
  • Advice to new grads and clinic owners  [29:19]
  • Unplugging from your Director role once at home  [30:03]
  • Advice to couples who are thinking of starting a clinic business together  [32:26]
  • Connect with Chris and his team  [33:30]

“When you have people who are not aligned in your business, it can become toxic. You’re more likely to lose practitioners by having the wrong person in there than you are to recruit more.”


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