Opportunities and Challenges in Digital Healthcare with Yianni Serpanos | Grow Your Clinic Podcast | 072

In this episode of the Grow My Clinic podcast, Yianni Serpanos from Coreplus talks about the opportunities and challenges in digital healthcare that face clinic owners in the Australian environment. He also gives us an introduction into what Coreplus is, their services and how telehealth can improve overall client experiences.

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“Digital health in Australia has a very specific definition; it’s about the clinically safe, secure and private way to share healthcare information about a client between healthcare practitioners.”

“I think it’s a must-have for a modern health practice to be interconnected and interoperable with other healthcare providers.”

“It’s off the back of healthy relationships that those referrals will flow.”

“87% of presentations to a GP that would otherwise be a referral opportunity for a physical therapist were not being referred. That shows you that there’s pent up demand out there that’s not finding its way through.”

“We [at Coreplus] are very focused about maintaining the idea that we are a platform that allows interoperability with systems and people.”



  • [0:01:10.2]  Why Yianni founded Coreplus
  • [0:03:34.5]  Who uses Coreplus
  • [0:04:38.0]  Yianni explains the digital health landscape in Australia
  • [0:06:03.3]  Digital health data security
  • [0:09:22.1]  Knowing more about interoperability
  • [0:11:19.2]  What is SDM (secure direct messaging) and why health clinics should care about it
  • [0:13:19.1]  The big value proposition to secure direct messaging
  • [0:16:03.0]  Disparity of the supply and demand of healthcare
  • [0:18:34.9]  What Coreplus is and the future of Core Plus
  • [0:19:40.5]  Reimagine the model of healthcare with telehealth
  • [0:25:03.7]  Get to know more about Coreplus!

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