Perspective is Power: How a Surgeon’s Criticism Was a Catalyst for Change | Grow Your Clinic Podcast | 047

In this episode, Ben shares his story on how an orthopedic surgeon’s strong criticism towards podiatrists steered him towards positive changes in his career and business.


“In business, in life, in your career, you’re going to find people that disagree with the way that you do things. You’re going to find people with a different approach, in fact, a different perspective.”
“It’s up to you to seek out new perspectives.”



  • [0:01:39.6]  Asking open-ended questions to engage the customer
  • [0:02:18.3]  Ben’s encounter with an orthopedic surgeon
  • [0:03:30.9]  “It’s up to you to seek out new perspectives.”
  • [0:05:30.7]  Action steps
  • [0:07:16.6]  Resources

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