Peter Flynn: Lessons learned from scaling a multi-site clinic | GYC Podcast E266

Grow Your Clinic Podcast Episode 266

This week, Peter Flynn, a Partner at Clinic Mastery, joins us on the podcast to talk about his journey of starting a physiotherapy clinic and scaling it to multiple locations. 

Pete shares the challenges he faced as a first time clinic owner, as well as the lessons he learned along the way. You’ll gain insights into the realities of starting your own clinic, managing a clinic business, and the importance of finding your genius.

  • 08:44 – “Being a good human is a really good strategy in business.”
  • 14:31 – “And… the shift for me was reframing and time blocking. And it was looking at what are the specific tasks that I need to do? What from a plan is actually going to move us towards the big goal and not just keep me busy and sorting out spot fires.”
  • 20:40 – “You almost feel like a loss of control when you’re not seeing clients.”
  • 23:23 – “We always let the numbers make the decision.”
  • 24:33 – “Some things you just don’t know are possible until you understand how someone [else] did it.”
  • 33:33 – “Add more value than anybody else, be of great value and do that consistently.”
  • 34:57 – “… if you remember why you start, I think that that’s a really key message to keep pushing forward and to remember why you’re doing it and who you’re doing it for.”

00:00 Intro

01:26 Starting a clinic is challenging 

07:18 Leveraging community connections to grow client-base

09:46 Life as a new practitioner

13:08 Time blocking for productivity

16:12 Reflecting on your strengths and weaknesses

18:25 Dividing tasks when there’s more than one business partner

19:45 Breakthrough moment – Importance of mentorship and optimism

25:20 Exiting business ownership

28:30 Making a meaningful impact

30:55 Key principles for showing up in business 

33:25 Remember your why 


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