Plant-Based Diets For Optimal Health (with Chef Cynthia Louise) | Grow Your Clinic Podcast | 178

Grow Your Clinic Podcast Episode 178

Chef Cynthia Louise talks about plant-based diets and how it fuels our body so that we can always be at our best condition. She also talks about the forgotten rules of food, healing from food intolerance, and what your poop can tell you about your health.

Chef Cynthia hosts her own online cooking class, and is also the Creator and Owner of NOURISH, a 5-day plant-based hands-on cooking retreat held once a year in Bali, Indonesia.

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  • [0:01:06.0]  Getting to know Chef Cynthia
  • [0:01:51.5]  Rapid-fire questions: learning/reading list, who inspires you, childhood aspirations, motto you live by
  • [0:03:16.8]  How Cynthia’s passion for plant-based food came about
  • [0:06:43.1]  From food lover, to restaurant owner, to holding cooking retreats in Bali
  • [0:08:31.9]  How does food and health intersect?
  • [0:11:23.2]  Forgotten rules of food
  • [0:13:10.2]  Chef Cynthia on different kinds of diet plants and how she sees food
  • [0:16:19.1]  How to make plant-based food interesting and satiating
  • [0:18:24.6]  Does our body have the ability to heal from food intolerance?
  • [0:20:14.4]  The importance of poop — yes, poop — and what it tells about our health
  • [0:22:19.2]  Food advice for clinic owners
  • [0:26:58.0]  Learn more about plant-based food with Chef Cynthia
  • [0:29:29.7]  Connect with Chef Cynthia

“You are what you think, and you definitely are what you eat.”

“Transformation doesn’t begin with governments; it begins with individuals.”

“Science has proven, time and time again, that a plant-based diet is the way forward for optimal health.”



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