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Grow Your Clinic Podcast Episode 183

“Everything rises and falls on leadership.” — Dr. John Maxwell

Daniel Monteleone is the Founder and a Clinician at Proactive Health Movement and in this episode, we talk about his own experience about chronic pain and how it has affected his work as a therapist.

Daniel also shares why mentorship is important in any business owner’s journey, how it moulds his leadership skills, how it impacts their team and culture, and how his team interacts with their clients, which ultimately leads to clinic growth.

Want to learn more? Listen to the full episode!

  • [0:01:22.8]  Rapid fire questions: reading/learning list, who inspires you, motto to live by, childhood aspirations
  • [0:04:39.8]  Why Podiatry?
  • [0:06:36.8]  What Daniel loves about Podiatry
  • [0:07:42.7]  Daniel’s own experience about chronic pain
  • [0:10:48.5]  How Daniel’s experience as a patient shaped his work as a therapist
  • [0:12:40.5]  From practitioner to becoming a clinic owner: What the journey looked like for Daniel
  • [0:14:12.7]  How Daniel’s clinic and team grew over the years
  • [0:14:43.9]  What Daniel’s week look like as a clinic owner
  • [0:15:46.2]  Why vision is important to grow your clinic
  • [0:18:00.4]  Branding and Attracting Ideal Clients
  • [0:19:47.0]  How their rebranding and marketing efforts drew more clients to their clinic
  • [0:21:16.1]  Leadership lessons Daniel’s learned throughout the years
  • [0:22:33.3]  What does being a proactive leader mean to you? What are some of the things that you do to lead your team
  • [0:23:56.5]  What role does vulnerability play in your leadership?
  • [0:24:50.0]  How to be vulnerable during difficult conversations
  • [0:27:31.3]  Seeking mentors, knowing your numbers
  • [0:30:06.3]  Daniel’s advice to new and experienced clinic owners
  • [0:31:50.0]  Connect with Daniel and his team

“Putting the time and effort into learning more about myself and in terms of leadership – doing the internal work – has helped me then go back to the team and deliver more, and in turn they deliver more to their clients.”

“No one person is bigger than our [clinic] values.”



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