Read Data Better: A Cliniq Apps Crash Course with Hootan Mohseni | Grow Your Clinic Podcast | 020

Hootan Mohseni is back with us again at the Grow My Clinic podcast, and he’ll be giving us a crash course on how to use Cliniq Apps’ dashboard efficiently, so that we could read and interpret data better, and in turn give better service to our patients.


“It’s not just about the data; it’s being able to analyze it in a way that’s meaningful to help you reflect on what’s happened.”
“Clinic owners – although they are health professionals, they are running a business.”
“Business without data is like human without mind. If you do not see what you’re doing, you cannot make correct decisions.”
“Getting data is one thing, but having it presented in a way that helps you make decisions, it is what’s next level.”
“Revenue and cost is distilled outcome of a business.”
“Too much analysis is bad, but lack of analysis is also bad.”
“To hide from data or to be fearful of it is really doing your patients a disservice in the long run.”



  • [0:00:59.9]  Data insights that clinic owners can get from Cliniq Apps
  • [0:04:51.8]  Important data insights clinic owners should look out for
  • [0:07:35.7]  How to interpret patient visit average or average patient revisits and why it is such a critical number for clinics
  • [0:11:51.8]  How the dashboard can be maximized to view key metrics
  • [0:12:12.3]  Key metric #1: Overall clinic revenue
  • [0:15:40.3]  Key metric #2: Checking metrics by practitioner
  • [0:16:18.5]  Key metric #3: Digging deep into each key performance indicators of the clinic (e.g. booking cancellations)
  • [0:17:29.3]  Engaging in patient relations through Cliniq Apps
  • [0:21:53.5]  Final words on how to analyze data better

If you’re interested in taking your journey with Cliniq Apps further, we’ve got a discovery session that we can offer you. Just send in your request to jack@clinicmastery.com and we’ll be able to help point you in the right direction for Cliniq Apps’ discovery session.

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