Reforms in the Private Health Sector and Getting Involved with Associations | Grow Your Clinic Podcast | 080

Today on the podcast, we have Scott Willis with us from the Australian Physiotherapy Association. Scott is also the owner of Coastal Physiotherapy, a multidisciplinary clinic which specializes in solving musculoskeletal injury and pain with physio, exercise physiology and clinical pilates.

We are going to talk about how you as a clinic owner in private practice can engage with your association, why clinic owners should join an association, changes in policies surrounding telehealth, private health insurance and other issues, what the APA is currently up to and so. Much. More.

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“The association has really stepped back and thought private practice is really a significant entity within our profession, and we need to be able to develop the private practice because I think in the future, the private practice is going to be the main employer of any physio coming out.”

“You can be a good physio and be a poor business person as well.”



  • [0:01:40.1]  Getting to know Scott Willis
  • [0:02:41.7]  Scott talks about Coastal Physiotherapy, his multidisciplinary clinic
  • [0:03:31.5]  Scott’s role in the APA (Australian Physiotherapy Association)
  • [0:04:29.6]  Some changes in the private practice world in regards to the association
  • [0:06:49.3]  Ratio of private practice to public practice in the physio association, and is it the same for other professions
  • [0:08:00.8]  Why should a private practitioner be a member of an association?
  • [0:09:03.0]  Advocacies of the APA and other associations that help private health sectors move forward
  • [0:13:45.5]  What’s in the horizon: things that private practice owners should be mindful of
  • [0:15:48.6]  What private practice owners can do to contribute to the improvement of policies surrounding telehealth, private health insurance and other issues
  • [0:16:39.5]  Policy updates regarding pilates and natural therapies
  • [0:17:59.7]  Changes in the EPC program
  • [0:19:17.2]  How to better engage with your association and parting words of wisdom from Scott
  • [0:22:39.3]  Check out Scott and his team!

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