Review of the Recent Clinic Mastery Live Training Event | Grow Your Clinic Podcast | 018

Take an inside peek at one of the recent live trainings we’ve done in Sydney! We’ve discussed a vast number of topics that can help your clinic get more bookings, from setting up the objectives for your site to designing an effective layout, we’ve got it all covered for you.
I hope you find this episode really helpful!


“You need to have a primary objective to your website and potentially a secondary objective.”
“The primary point of your website, why it exist, it would most likely to be to get online bookings specifically.”
“Your website is one of the key touch points that potential future clients will experience before they even call you.”
“We at Clinic Mastery speak to far too many clinic owners who outsource the management of their website to people who don’t quite understand the intricacies of the health industry.”



  • [0:00:59.3]  Website review; optimizing website for results; making sure you get outcomes and deliverables from your website;
  • [0:01:29.9]  Your website’s primary and secondary objective – the reason why your website exists
  • [0:02:59.9]  Website layout tips – creating credibility using layout hacks
  • [0:03:33.5]  Creating user-focused language and content
  • [0:03:46.2]  Designing menu items on your website
  • [0:04:00.2]  Individual pages for different purposes
  • [0:04:36.8]  Creating a call-to-action

To get full access for this training, send your request to jack@clinicmastery.com.

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