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Sarah Bartholomeusz of You Legal, a legal concierge service, joins us this week to talk all about the legalities of running a healthcare business.

She shares to us some of the common legal problems clinic owners face, the pros and cons of partnerships versus having an incorporation, contractors versus employees, and so much more! She also shares her personal journey to starting You Legal and what it’s like to bring innovation into her industry.
There’s a lot to look forward to in this episode, so make sure to give this one a listen!


“Basically, I just decided I wanted to take my life into my hands. I did not want to wait until Nikola was born and get another job in six months and have that risk of losing it again; I wanted to control my destiny. And so the very next after I lost my job, I started my practice, which at that stage I named after myself like a lot of law firms.”
“I found that I had a lot of other people interested in having service from me, and I felt like I couldn’t help everyone. So I looked for ways in which I could help more people that didn’t necessarily involve me doing the work.”
“Think about what your clients actually want, not what has always been done is how you innovate, and asking them.”
“As you grow your intellectual property, development becomes more important. And with contractors, that is a risk because you don’t control what they create. You don’t necessarily own it if it’s outside the contracting arrangement.”
“If people aren’t values-aligned, they don’t tend to last very long.”


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  • [0:01:18.8]  The idea behind You Legal and how it was founded
  • [0:05:28.1]  Jack and Sarah talks about working remotely and online consultations in the healthcare industry
  • [0:06:38.8]  Dealing with pushbacks when you’re trying to innovate
  • [0:08:07.7]  Sarah’s ideal clients
  • [0:09:37.0]  How Sarah positioned You Legal and her role as the face of the business, writing books, doing talks, etc. – has it been deliberate and what have been the effects of doing them
  • [0:10:54.8]  Does publishing books and doing talks translate into business growth?
  • [0:12:38.5]  Sarah talks about some of the common legal problems clinic owners encounter
  • [0:15:50.0]  Pros and cons of a Partnership versus an Incorporation
  • [0:19:37.6]  Advice for partners who are in conflict but do not have a shareholders agreement
  • [0:20:25.4]  Employees vs. Contractors: Should a starting clinic consider contracting or consider an employee arrangement when bringing in a new member?
  • [0:22:10.7]  Having a misunderstanding with your practitioner: Consequences of when your practitioners are working under what you think is a contractor setup, but then later claim that they were an employee
  • [0:24:22.9]  What employers should consider if they’re planning to hire contractors on their team
  • [0:27:06.6]  How Sarah runs You Legal remotely
  • [0:30:36.0]  What Sarah does outside of work (which involves charity work and community involvement)
  • [0:33:00.3]  Learn more about Sarah, You Legal and other works she’s involved in!

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