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Nerida Bint from Lissome Gym joins us this week to share about how they were able to create a strong community in their gym and create amazing experiences for their clients.


“If you build a good reputation and you build really good relationships with other businesses around you, I think you can succeed. And if you genuinely love what you’re doing, I think you will succeed.”

“The worst thing that you can have in your business is people that are incompetent.”

“I think, well how can I make it so that my business is so good and I look up to them so well, and I create such an amazing experience for them working at Lissome that they would never leave. That then creates this whole elements of not only the members really enjoying training there, but my coaches, they love what they do, and I love that.”



  • [0:01:12.0]  How Nerida got involved with health and fitness
  • [0:04:52.0]  Being a coach versus a business owner
  • [0:06:26.9]  Lessons learned as a woman in business
  • [0:08:54.3]  What Lissome Gym is
  • [0:10:44.8]  Client on-boarding at Lissome Gym: how they do it and what it’s like
  • [0:12:48.6]  Secrets to building a strong community
  • [0:18:34.7]  Check out Lissome!

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