Self-Care for People in Executive Roles | Grow Your Clinic Podcast | 139

Grow Your Clinic Podcast Episode 139

In this episode, Natasha Ace shares how we can ace our self-care habits and gives us more reasons on why self-care is very important for people in a leadership position. Natasha also talks about how we can develop resilience, the different types of self-care, and how we can prevent burnout.

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  • [0:01:59.7]  Rapid-fire questions: reading list, who inspires you, childhood aspirations, life motto
  • [0:05:57.8]  Natasha’s early career as a mentor and starting her own business
  • [0:08:29.6]  Taking on a leadership role as a young and inexperienced professional
  • [0:15:28.2]  Why self-care must be scheduled / planned
  • [0:16:58.2]  The many types of self-care
  • [0:20:14.9]  Non-negotiables in self-care
  • [0:22:15.6]  What is resilience and how to be resilient
  • [0:23:39.5]  Therapy isn’t just for people with mental illnesses
  • [0:26:17.4]  Self-care involves surrounding yourself with the right people
  • [0:27:08.1]  Parting words of wisdom
  • [0:28:05.9]  Connect with Natasha



“If you’re in a space where people aren’t taking you seriously, go and surround yourself with new people.”






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