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Grow Your Clinic Podcast Episode 140

Rory Callaghan is a mentor, trainer, and facilitator at Entrepreneur Resorts, and he specializes in helping individuals develop a sustainable health and wellness based lifestyles. With a growing career, a business, and volunteer activities, Rory eventually found himself working for over 80 hours a week, burnt out, and unhappy. This pushed him to explore different ways of self-care and self-healing and through his experience and medical expertise, is now helping others to achieve a sense of well-being.

In this episode, Rory shares the rituals and routines that keeps him grounded and that helps him relieve stress. He also talks about the many ways you can de-stress and how it can benefit you, your personal life, career, and business.

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  • [0:00:56.1]  Rapid-fire questions: reading list, who inspires you, childhood aspirations
  • [0:04:19.8]  What sparked Rory’s interest in becoming a physio
  • [0:10:58.3]  Rory’s experience with burnout
  • [0:14:05.5]  What is burnout?
  • [0:15:40.1]  How Rory prevents burnout and the importance of community
  • [0:19:24.1]  Why Rory moved to Bali and when he decided to move, fulfilling his vision board
  • [0:24:06.2]  Rituals for self-care
  • [0:29:22.6]  Rory’s advice for people who do not like routines and rituals
  • [0:31:14.5]  Giving back to the community
  • [0:35:03.0]  Connect with Rory



“I think my ego and my vision was the thing that really drove me to not listen to those symptoms [of burnout].”

“Money for me is just energy. It’s literally just learning to receive it, and then to give it as well.”






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