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Grow Your Clinic Podcast Episode 121

Emily Connett is a blogger and SEO expert who helps bloggers, business owners and web designers optimize their search engine rankings. Their company, Newcastle Creative Co., has worked with a wide range of business owners, from large coaching companies to local hairdressers. Newcastle Creative Co.’s biggest clientele are professionals and business owners in the healthcare industry.

And in this episode, Emily Connett talks about SEO and how to use it effectively to grow your business.

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  • [0:01:02.2]  Rapid-fire questions for Emily
  • [0:03:14.8]  Emily’s background and how she became an SEO expert
  • [0:05:42.7]  Traffic stats of the Dossier Blog
  • [0:06:24.8]  Is SEO dead?
  • [0:07:20.6]  What SEO means
  • [0:08:00.5]  Getting to know Google’s algorithm and how it works
  • [0:09:09.1]  A word against ‘keyword stuffing’ and some of the worst SEO practices you should really stop doing
  • [0:11:36.8]  On-going SEO vs. One-offs SEO
  • [0:13:54.1]  SEO tips that clinic owners can do themselves
  • [0:15:32.4]  What to blog on and how to write for your audience
  • [0:19:45.7]  What makes local SEO different from regular SEO
  • [0:21:06.6]  Tips to maximize the use of local SEOs
  • [0:22:28.8]  Do we have control over the images that Google chooses to show in their search engine?
  • [0:23:59.0]  What are meta descriptions and what do we use Yoast for?
  • [0:26:16.4]  About Newcastle Creative Co’s SEO Challenge
  • [0:27:29.9]  Learn more about the SEO challenge!



“Aside from showing good information, you must have a good website in general.”

“Each new post or page in your website is like a doorway for people to find you and get to know you more.”






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