Shawn Goldberg: Preventing Burnout at Work, Employee Assistance Program, and more | GYC Podcast E271

Shawn Goldberg: Preventing Burnout at Work, Employee Assistance Program, and more | GYC Podcast E271

In this episode, Ben speaks with Shawn Goldberg, director and clinical psychologist at Mind Up Psychology.

They discuss burnout and how it affects practitioners in the healthcare industry. The importance of Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) and how clinic owners can support their team members to prevent burnout. The conversation also touches on imposter syndrome and its connection to burnout.

Tune in to gain valuable insights on managing and preventing burnout in the workplace.

  • “Do you feel like you’re living and working within your values?”
  • “Values and fairness are the two main reasons why people get burned out.”
  • “And when you feel like you’re growing towards a core value or a belief, a mission, your own personal mission, of where you wanna be in your career, of what you want to do that would really give you a sense of passion, burnout will trickle away, because it’s a bigger picture.”
  • “We know that in Australia, 50 to 60% of people experience burnout at work.”

00:00 Intro

01:33 Burnout vs imposter syndrome

02:08 6 Triggers of Burnout

02:42 Surprising importance of fairness and values

03:11 Signs/symptoms of burnout

07:21 How clinic owners can support team experiencing burnout

09:08 Why open-ended questions are best

13:20 Brain hack: engage the frontal lobe

15:08 Key driver to work satisfaction: personal values

17:04 Importance of boundaries and flexibility

22:33 Does your team have passion projects? It matters.

30:35 Employee Assistance Programs (EAP)

36:07 How to introduce EAP to the team

38:57 Autonomy and independence impact mental health

42:57 Take a step back and see the bigger picture

44:16 Mental health support in the healthcare industry

Connect with Shawn

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