Simon Ashley on Resolving Conflicts and Leading a Multidisciplinary Team | Grow Your Clinic Podcast | 068

Simon Ashley joins us this week on the podcast to talk about what life is like as an owner of an integrated health care center, Atune, and how he manages his life as a practitioner and business owner. He also shares some amazing insights about leadership, managing a multidisciplinary team and handling conflicts within their organization.


“Having that clear vision is very important because it helps determine who’s going to be on [your] bus. Because if they don’t line up about what it is that we are doing, if they don’t get it, then they’re not generally interested.”

“When it comes to employing GPs, it’s about having something unique that they’re after that they can’t get anywhere else, and having something that’s bigger than them that they want to be a part of.”

“One of the things that’s really important for people to understand is that in an integrated setting, you need to have a leader. You need to have someone who is able to coordinate or lead each area, and that’s important.”

“If you don’t have a good leader leading the GP area, or the osteo area, or the physio area, then what tends to happen is you’ve just got paperwork in there but they’re not actually progressing and bringing it all together in the business.”



  • [0:00:50.3]  How Simon got into osteopathy
  • [0:02:08.6]  What makes osteos unique?
  • [0:03:43.7]  What inspired Simon to start his own clinic and Simon’s near death experience
  • [0:05:21.1]  Simon’s journey from being a clinician to becoming the founder of Atune
  • [0:07:07.9]  Two biggest lessons Simon learned from being the leader of a high calibre business
  • [0:08:39.8]  How does Simon communicate his values to his team?
  • [0:09:42.4]  Professions at Atune that are a bit out of the ordinary
  • [0:11:29.5]  Challenges when recruiting and integrating GPs into the business’ work model
  • [0:13:23.1]  Framework of employment and contracting
  • [0:15:31.1]  Doing evidence-based work
  • [0:17:39.8]  Managing conflicts and Atune’s concept of a ‘healthy conflict’
  • [0:20:05.5]  How Simon manages his many roles in business and in life
  • [0:22:05.7]  Simon’s advice to people who are looking to start their own integrated health centers
  • [0:23:30.1]  Check out Atune!

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