Simplify Exercise Prescriptions with SimpleSet | Grow Your Clinic Podcast | 255

Grow Your Clinic Podcast Episode 255

In this episode, Eric Gartner and Travis Brunn, Founders of SimpleSet, joins us in a conversation about starting a tech company and creating technologies that elevate the services of practitioners and improve patient outcomes.

  • [02:15]  Icebreaker q’s – reading list, who inspires you, motto to live by
  • [06:37]  How they founded their company, SimpleSet
  • [11:34]  What you need to know before starting a tech business
  • [13:57]  What makes SimpleSet different from other exercise software
  • [17:00]  How intuitive SimpleSet is
  • [19:00]  Does more tech mean better results for patients?
  • [21:16]  Does more tech mean better business?
  • [22:57]  What to look forward to for SimpleSet
  • [26:13]  Final advice to clinic owners on using exercise prescription apps in their practice
  • [26:49]  Final word on using tech to improve your services
  • [27:41]  Know more about SimpleSet

“The more you collaborate with people in your industry and who are adjacent to your industry, it sparks that creative mindset.”


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