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We have Dallas Mayne on the podcast this week, and he is the co-founder and CEO of Lyfe, a practice management software that empowers health & wellness providers in their business with easy to use online bookings, intelligent appointment reminders and one-click payments with private and public health rebates.

With Lyfe, you can now run your practice from your mobile phone and make your life easier.

Dallas is also an entrepreneur who has successfully grown businesses ranging from oil and gas to more recently SaaS and Fintech.




  • [0:01:00.5]  Getting to know Dallas
  • [0:01:53.1]  What is Lyfe?
  • [0:04:18.6]  Lyfe’s special features and how it can help clinic owners
  • [0:06:02.7]  Easier payment features (compared to other PMS)
  • [0:07:43.9]  Integrations and Medicare Rebates
  • [0:08:40.9]  Appointment notes, body charts, and other features of Lyfe that can make clinic life easier
  • [0:11:11.4]  Know more about Lyfe

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Lyfe makes online bookings

and payments seamless!

Lyfe brings together everything required to run a successful and efficient health and wellness business. Reduce cost by consolidating multiple applications and functionality into one easy to use package.

  • Manage your bookings better using powerful intuitive scheduling for custom and group bookings and reduce cancellations using SMS reminders
  • Process bulk payments for group classes and bookings
  • No need for physical payment terminals. Process payments and claims from anywhere including your mobile device
  • Save time with automated invoicing
  • Create notes and upload and store files
  • Eliminate EFTPOS and terminal fees and get paid quicker with seamless rebate processing – Medicare, HICAPS, Bulk Billing and DVA (TAC and NDIS coming soon)

Sign up HERE for your 30-day subscription free trial.


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