Six Elements of an Empowered Health Practice (w/ Damien Adler) | Grow Your Clinic Podcast | 122

Grow Your Clinic Podcast Episode 122

Damien Adler joins us on the podcast to talk about what makes an empowered health practice, and how new technologies and good habits help in creating an empowered clinic.

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  • [0:02:16.2]  Rapid fire questions for Damien
  • [0:05:06.9]  What Damien is looking for in mentorship
  • [0:07:03.7]  Getting to know Damien Adler
  • [0:13:36.9]  What an ‘empowered health practice’ means
  • [0:16:13.0]  Non-clinical elements that help drive great outcomes
  • [0:18:36.7]  Creating robust processes in your clinic
  • [0:20:24.1]  Why a minimal admin is important for an empowered health practice
  • [0:29:38.7]  Work-life balance
  • [0:32:19.8]  Why growth is important for empowerment
  • [0:36:00.6]  The Six Elements of an Empowered Health Clinic (summary)
  • [0:36:33.7]  Get to know more about Power Diary
  • [0:38:21.6]  Damien’s parting words for the listeners



“There’s no such thing as stagnation – you’re either growing or dying.”






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