Slack: Delegating, Accountability Systems and Reporting Templates | GYC Podcast E267

Grow Your Clinic Podcast Episode 267

In this episode, Ben Lynch discusses the importance of delegating with confidence in order to reduce reliance on oneself and others, emphasizing on efficiency, avoiding abdication and micromanagement.

Ben also talks about a simple method for successful delegation and highlights the significance of a strong performance culture in high-performing clinics.

  • 00:31 – “So often when we get the opportunity to delegate, it’s a real milestone or moment to celebrate because we are so often the bottleneck in the business.”
  • 01:14 – “When we do delegate, so often we delegate in a fashion that’s actually abdication.”
  • 12:28 – “What I’m hoping to show and share with you today is a couple of copy-and-paste template messages that could be used in whatever platform you use.”

00:00 Intro

01:12 Delegating without micromanaging

02:40 Reporting as an accountability measure

03:52 Revenue report template

06:53 Outstanding accounts template

08:30 Practitioner utilisation/productivity template

09:38 New client report template

10:16 Client excellence report template

10:36 Portfolio (vanity and sanity) templates

12:24 When and how to use these reports


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