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We'll help to Grow Your Clinic

It’s the feel-good way

Ignite Your Passion & Experience Fulfilment Along the Way

Lead Inspired Teams

It feels good to create an amazing place to work where your culture embraces the warm and fuzzies as well as high performance.

Create Raving Fans

It feels good to transform client experiences by delivering personalised, engaging and memorable patient outcomes.

Amplify Your Impact

It feels good to create a business that not only serves your family, it also helps you Amplify Your Impact in the local and global community.

Stop Starting.
Start Finishing.
Focus On #1 Thing

You don’t need more ‘To-Do’s’, it’s time to laser in on the most important change to sustainably Grow Your Clinic.

Implement At A Mastery Level

You can immerse yourself in deep work and improve your processes, add automation to reduce the reliance on you.

Create Massive Momentum

You will have the support of an intimate mastermind of high level members to ensure you’re accountable to change!

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Let's Amplify Your Impact
Ideal for Clinic Owners who are...

Coming off the Tools

You’re looking at ‘what’s next’ now that you are transitioning to full time business owner

Relaunching your business

You are at a point where you are looking to rebrand, relaunch or re-ignite your future direction.

Growing Fast

You’re looking to get the structures in place to support your growth and reduce the reliance on you as you grow.

How we’ll make this super worthwhile for you…

Clarity on Direction

You’ll feel clear and confident in the plan about the future of your clinic

Accountability to Implement

You’ll get help making and structuring your time so that you implement consistently.

Direct Access

Exclusive weekly access to the Clinic Mastery Team and fellow mastermind members through our private Slack workspace to answer your specific questions and challenges.

Done-For-You Systems

You get access to the real business systems used and refined across the 20+ clinics that the Clinic Mastery team collectively own and operate.

Invest in your future
Grow Your Clinic | Apply Now
How It Works

The 7 Degrees to Grow Your Clinic provides the framework to identify your level of mastery in each of the functional areas of your business.

Once you’ve completed the Assess Your Clinic Scorecard you will receive a tailored report to guide you’re next steps to Grow Your Clinic ™.


Find your balance


Extract more joy, fulfilment and growth


Attract, Train and Retain quality people


Reduce the reliance on you


Get Cashed Up and Grow Sustainably


Attract More Ideal Clients, Partners and Team Members.


Retain and Create More Raving Fans

Join The Movement of Clinics For Good
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The Business Academy is super structured!
We Know You'll Appreciate That

Coaching Session to help your admin do the right thing at the right time, for you.


Immediately useable systems, policies, procedures so you don’t need to re-invent the wheel.


You join a community who openly share ideas, systems and resources to help you grow.

Apply Now if this is you…


It’s your business. It’s your life. It’s your destiny. We’re really good at helping clinic owners achieve their version of success and fulfilment along the way. You need to be willing to play big.


You need to be open minded and embody humility to gain the perspective you need to grow personally and professionally. You need to be a life-long learner and a daily do-er.


You need to have a passion for creating an amazing place to work and a business that goes beyond just meeting your needs. You need to align purpose and profit to be a Clinic For Good.

Enjoy Business and Invest in your Future

We love working with purpose driven clinic owners to lead inspired teams to transform client experiences so that you can amplify your impact. Interested? Apply Now!

Weekly Training

Master Partner sessions delivered by specialists like lawyers, accountants and marketing professionals.

Q&A All Day

Ask your questions into our private community and learn from peers as well as accessing the systems you need for change.

200+ Mentoring Modules

Access the eduction suite of business strategy, and systems practicality to be an independent learner and go at your own pace.

Live Workshops

Invest your time working on your business by attending the Grow Your Clinic Workshops and immerse yourself in growth.

Personalised Mentoring

Direct access to a Clinic Mastery mentor to understand your business and mentor you on what to do and how to do it.

Financial Clarity

Business Dashboards, rolling breakeven and financial reports to guide your decisions about growth at every stage.

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Forget the 'Sales Hype'
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What your experience includes

Here’s what you’ll need to help you make the most of your experience:

Assess Your Clinic

Diagnose the underlying causes of what’s presenting in your clinic right now.

Direct Mentoring

Personalised Strategy Sessions with a Clinic Mastery mentor to refine your action plan.

Access to Specialists

Mastery Sessions with expert professionals to share high level strategic guidance on your next 3 years in business.

Peer Mentorship

Collaborate with peers who can share their experience about what they did when they were in your shoes.

Wellness Boosts

Prime your mind, body and soul to learn at your optimum and make the best leadership decisions.

Guided Implementation

Use what you’ve learnt and strategized right away so that you create momentum immediately.

What You Need To Know...

Purpose > Profit

We love working with clinic owners who are in it for the long run and want to make an impact for their team, clients and community. We’ll help take of the profit, if you bring the purpose.

Application Only

To ensure that this is the right experience for you and to ensure that you’ll receive the value you need right now, please apply to join us.

Hungry + Humble + Smart

The ideal team player in our community is a lifelong learner, contributes to others with an abundant mindset and is willing to put in the work.

Let's chat over coffee!




Forget the sales hype… we’re assessing one another to see if we’re a good fit. Just like assessing a patient before you diagnose and prescribe a treatment plan, we’re going to do the same. It’s much better that we both make informed decisions.

Let’s chat, find some things you can change about your clinic so that you feel like its a useful allocation of your time and determine next steps from there. If we are right for one another, awesome! If not, that’s alright, what we do is not for everyone.

Apply now to grab a time for a virtual coffee.

We're Your Virtual Business Partners
What you need to do next

Step 1

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Step 2

Book Your Discovery Session

Step 3

Confirm Your Place


You are very welcome to bring your business partner along. In fact, We insist! Given we’re in a number of business partnerships we realise it’s super important to be on the same page. If this is your problem, then you’re definitely in the right place, we’ve worked with many partnerships that are on the rocks… no judgement. It about finding out where you want to go and aligning the decisions and actions moving forward to those desires.

The session is complimentary. We ask that you respect the preparation and practicality we will bring to you in the session by asking you run on time and prepare with your questions so that we make the most of our time. If we feel that you’re a good fit for what we do and we believe we can help you, we will ask for you to make a decision about working with us. It’s all good if you say no. We will ask for a decision because we get our best results with clinic owners who are decisive and take action.

Taking the First Step

Clinic Mastery Business Academy is an Exclusive Business Accelerator that is by Application Only for clinic owners who are dissatisfied with the rate they are growing and the lack of support and direction available for them.

The Clinic Mastery Team is dedicated to the ongoing delivery of the latest and most effective methods, tools, ongoing support, mentoring and training available for clinic owners. We work with the owner and their business creating the leadership framework and culture that attracts great talent and loyal clients.

Clinic Mastery Business Academy is delivered by successful health professionals and clinic owners for those looking to create a successful and sustainable fast growth environment.

Here’s what happens next

Reserve your strategy session and fill out the Clinic Insight Questionnaire so that we can accurately plan out how to grow your clinic. Your initial call will be between 30 and 45 minutes. This is where we really begin working to figure out exactly what you need, and how to make it happen.

At that point if you see the value in working together, great. We’ll talk and see if we’re able to take you on during our next enrolment. If you don’t want to move forward, that’s fine too. 
Worst case: you would have received some free advice from our team which will help you generate growth into the future. Ultimately this is for people who take action and know a good opportunity when they see one.

If that’s you, today is the day you step up and take your business to the next level!

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