Communicating With Health Professionals

As a health professional you will often write a letter to other practitioners who care for your client to keep them on the same page in delivering great health outcomes, well, using Cliniko is a great way to deliver speedy communication.

If you use a modern practice management system  like Cliniko then your ability to deliver a professional letter about client progress is made very simple.

This is video 3 of a 3-part education series on how to use Cliniko to deliver better patient experiences.



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Full Transcript:

Guess what? It is possible to write a report to another health professional using Cliniko in under two minutes! Stick around and we’ll show you how.

Hi there, my name is Daniel Gibbs. I’m the director of Clinic Mastery. I’m a health professional and I’m also a judge for the Telstra Australian Business Awards, having experience working with businesses from all areas in all shapes and sizes.

I’m talking with you now because I’m passionate about helping clinic owners create great experiences for clients that are personalised, engaging and memorable.

Now this is part three in a three-part video series for Cliniko users on how to create great experiences for their clients.

In video one, we talked about management plans and how important they are and how you can create them using Cliniko.

In part two, we talked about how you can create a management plan in under two minutes using various other tools that really work.

And if you haven’t seen those two videos, go back and check them out because they’re really useful and really valuable.

Because in this video here, in video three, we’re looking at the extra step on top of the management plan which is the communication with the other referrer or the other health professionals involved in the care of that client, and how you can create a very professional, super speedy letter to accompany every Cliniko management plan for your referrers.

Writing A Speedy Professional Letter

This letter is so important for clients because the client receives the entire care process.

It’s also great for the admin team because it’s an automated process to simply send that letter.

It’s great for the practitioners because it helps them to stay on time and also keeps referrers in the loop, so it’s a really good marketing tool for clinic owners as well as you stay front of mind for referrers.

If every client that you see gets the letters sent out because it’s so easy to just populate it and send it off and it’s an automated system that happens every time, it’s going to reinforce that great care experience that’s being delivered.

Now stick around to the end of the video because you will get a done-for-you letter template to import into Cliniko that you can use straight away… we’re all about action here.

To make this really easy to follow along, I’m going to hand over to our Cliniko expert, Shane Davis, who uses Cliniko across his multiple clinics, multiple practitioners, multiple disciplines.

And he’s going to show you as you watch his screen, how to create this letter in under two minutes.

Writing Speedy Letters

Thank you Daniel and hello there everyone using Cliniko. Today, we’re going to give you more templates to save you more time.

I’m also going to keep it short, sharp and shiny today because you’ve pretty much done all the work that needs to be done by developing that management plan.

Today, we’re going to share with you three things:

  1. How to save so much time in using letter templates and management plans together.
  2. The actual letter template that we set up to leverage our management plans.
  3. Who will send our management plans to to keep everyone on the same page.

[3min] So firstly, you’ve done all the hard work. We saw that it takes two minutes to complete the management plan.

We use a letter template to then keep the rest of the healthcare team up to speed with the client’s management. So let’s do it now.

We go across here to ‘Letters’, and what we’re going to do is add a letter and we’ve set up these templates in Cliniko.

We’ve shared these with you so you can see them in the video notes. So we’re going to go down to letter template for our referred clients.

Then what we need to do here is just put in the details of our GP. That’s about as much work as we need to do because the rest of this is all pre-filled out by using the placeholders.

So this is all done once we’ve put in these details here, and we have the template set up, the rest is done.

[4min] So really, this acts as a cover letter so we can address it to the doctor.

Letter Template

So who it’s to regarding which client, “thank you for involving us as part of the team in caring for John.” The impression: so this is pre-filled as you can see, “John’s current pain profile has causative factors which will help to address as part of the attached management plan.”

You can put in some extra details in here if you need to in regards to what it is that you want to put in as part of those extra details.

And then we just have plans, so “please see attached management plan. Thank you for involving us as part of the team. I look forward to keeping you updated with John’s progress.”

That’s it. That’s the extent. Because really the key is in doing a detailed management plan specific to that person.

The referrer is able to keep up to speed with what’s happening and having that there, that short, sharp and shiny, really enables that doctor to be on the same page if and when they need it.

What To Do With The Letter

[5min] So, we then go to – we’ll print this out onto our letterhead, so this then gets attached with our management plan and then gets sent off to the relevant person as part of the person’s team.

So whether that be their GP, allied health practitioner, sports coach, school teacher or anyone, again, as long as they’ve got the client service, we’ve got the client’s authority to do that, we keep the people as part of the team abreast with what’s happening.

So that’s how we’re able to leverage our time to really save us those long hours at the end of the day, at the end of the week, where we’re having to sit down and do these bulk amount of letters.

It literally takes 5-10 minutes at the end of the day. All that letters can be done and away we go.

Upload Letter Template in Cliniko

Secondly, I just want to show you where to upload and adjust a letter template in Cliniko. So if we just go across here to ‘Settings‘, and then we go over to ‘Letter templates‘, and then we just ‘Add a letter template’.

[6min] So when we add a letter template, you can then copy and paste the exact template that we gave you, run it through the filter of your business and what you need and you come out the other end with a finished product as far as a template goes.

So you’ll see, this is how a template actually looks, and you’ve got these placeholders here, so that automatically puts in all of those details into the letter and saves you so much time, saves your reception so much time.

So it saves you so much time in doing it automatically and that’s what Cliniko is so good in this way.

So you can then just, again, just as you need to and away you go.

The Power of Management Plans And Letters

So lastly, when we have our management plan letter together, we’re then able to send it off to the various placeholders as we’ve said before.

It’s really a marketing tool. It shows us how much we care about the client and how much we care about their outcomes to keep everyone on the same page.

So it’s that easy, and again, you probably know who those important people are as part of your referral team or your healthcare team.

So it’s that easy. Having these systems and templates in place will save you time every day, every week and every month, allowing you to do more of the things that you love.

So now I’m going to hand it back to Daniel. Have a super day. I look forward to talking to you soon.


Thanks Shane!

Look, I hope you can get a sense of how easy this is and how important it is to have the management plan, the delivery of that management plan, and also the letter to accompany that management plan to be able to communicate to other health professionals involved in the care of the client.

It makes everyone happy! Happy clients, happy referrer relationships, and happy team members.

About Clinic Mastery Business Academy

Now here’s a little bit more about Clinic Mastery.

See, together with Cliniko, we are here to help clinic owners consistently deliver client experiences in a way that’s personalized, engaging, and memorable. We do this in three ways.

Firstly, we deliver a business in a box.

This box is a customized Google site Intranet hub that houses all of the operating systems, policies, procedures that your clinic needs to deliver a great client experience consistently.

Secondly, we offer a virtual classroom.

Where you receive online lessons to be educated on how to refine each system to benefit your team, your clients, and your business.

And thirdly, we assign study buddies.

To help you implement the right systems at the right time in a community of people all moving in the same direction.

In our program, we also give you specific scripts for you and your team to use when you’re delivering management plans.

This helps to give the client an amazing clarity and belief in the process which improves their outcome, and we know that better client experiences lead to better health outcomes.

When clinic owners base their client attraction and retention on the experience they offer, they immediately remove themselves from the marketplace of those who can monetise just on price alone. Now that’s the way to stand out.

[9min] Now if you have any questions about Cliniko management plans, letter-writing – anything else – please get in contact with us.

Hit us up on Facebook at Clinic Mastery. You can email us directly or even give us a phone call. We’re here to help the whole Cliniko community.

But for now, on behalf of Cliniko and Clinic Mastery, thanks for watching this video series.

We hope you found it useful and we look forward to seeing you. Continue to consult with passion and serve with care.

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