Marketing can be really exciting and fun because you can be quite creative with it. With marketing, we can look at all the different avenues and how we can then systemise those and then play to our strengths.

So, there’s a lot of different avenues that we can follow and we can do every single one of those. It’s not just “this is our main one.”

You can’t just have Facebook ads and run it for a couple of weeks and then stop that and turn your attention to your GP referrals. And then turn your attention. It’s got to be a combination of strategies.

But my favorite way of marketing, especially online, is content marketing. It’s all about “how can we give back to people? How can we educate people and how can we talk to people over a period of time?”

And what I would like to talk about in this article is the Social Video Marketing.



I’m a massive proponent of Facebook Ads and using video content both myself and with the clients that we help through the Business Academy. In my experience, if you can get to a place where you can invest a thousand dollars per month. It’s reasonable to expect a new client per day out of that.

And if we boil those numbers back, if we’re talking 20 or 30 new clients a month from Facebook. We’re talking about an acquisition cost of $30 per new client, which is just unreal if we think about the lifetime value of the patients. That might be worth five hundred to eight hundred thousand dollars to your clinic to spend $20 or $30, or in some cases, $3 per client. And it is not unusual to expect 20 to 100 new clients a month from Facebook when it’s dialed in nicely.

Video on Facebook is really good because you can look at how the percentage of the video that someone’s watched. And that really helps us retarget potential clients. Retargeting them means giving them more free content. It is just adding more value to them. If someone’s watched 90% of a 60 to 120 second video, that means that they’re very interested in what you have to offer.

Give away your best stuff!!!

A lot of people worry about giving away their best stuff. They’re afraid that people will no longer see them after that. However, in giving your best content, you are not actually giving the 100% for them. A person actually need the individualized program that they would need to best improve their situation. And it’s all about talking to people over a period of time until they’ve made the decision that you’re the expert and you’re the person to see.

When you give your best stuff away, it’s not that people are going to take your advice and do it and do yourself out of a job. What it is is you give your best stuff away as an it – as a as a reflection of how generous you are and you build that trust and credibility.

So that when people need help, they probably won’t do what you told them to do on the video, they’re going to come to your clinic and pay a premium for your advice because you’ve proven your authority and expertise in the space.

Some people might think three 60-second videos is a lot during the day. But that’s the the amount of time it takes to wait while making a cup of coffee and I probably have 15 of those a day.


Dealing with Negative Feedback

Some of you might worry about what you would look like or what you would sound like on a video. Maybe you think you don’t have a great voice. But you can always work on that or you can even have the voice over or videos outsourced. But one of the biggest barriers that one can encounter would be the negative feedback. Trust me, not all people will like you.

So, how can we deal with negative feedback?

Peter Flynn, talked about his experience on expanding his clinic through Social Media Videos and his experience in handling negative feedback on it. What he did was that he compiled these mean comments and read them in a video. He released a video on Physio Fit, Peter Reads Mean Comments, and it turned out to be actually quite exciting.

What he did was turn the feedback that can let him down into something that he used to engage more to his audience.

The point is, do not let the negative feedback hinder you but instead, use them and turn them around to your strength.


Volume vs Quality

Does quality of the video matter?

The quality of the video doesn’t matter as much as you probably think it does. As you start, the best videos that you do will probably not be the best performing videos that you put out there.

The most creative best people of all time, Shakespeare, Beethoven, all of them, their best pieces of work that they felt were were flops. They almost did not release Shakespeare’s works because they tought they were crap. The only thing that was common between these people was that they just released like an enormous volume of work.

I’m not gonna be able to tell which is gonna be the best video on Facebook. That’s not up to me, that’s up to Facebook to decide. But if I split out fifty videos than ten videos a week, it’s much more likely to become a viral.

However, when it comes to audio, yes it does matter. But again, not as much as we think because some best performing videos had horrible audio on it. What matters even more than the actual audio are the subtitles as long as they can still hear you.

Sixty three percent of videos on Facebook are actually watched without sound. So, if you can have them captioned, then you’re not going to lose 63% of your audience. You can go to rev.com for a dollar per minute of video, they’ll caption it for you. And they’re very accurate.

Subtitles are a massive play but also note that a simple quality microphone is vital. Don’t stress too much about the video quality. Your iPhone or Samsung is enough.

So, get it up there and get it out there and produce lots. Ryan holiday, the author of Perennial Seller, said that you need to produce volumes and volumes of content in order for something to stick. If you don’t use volumes, nothing will stick. So, I love it.




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