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Stephen King from Movement Assessment Technologies (MAT) is all about providing tools for clinic owners to help them get objective, tailored assessments for their clients.

Learn more about Stephen King, his MAT journey and the impact of their work extending to 21 countries in this episode of the Grow My Clinic podcast.


“We’re about creating experiences for clients where they understand their diagnosis, whether that’s pathological or psycho-social, so using language that matters to them creates an amazing buy-in.”
“Having something that makes you different is really important as a clinic owner.”



  • [0:00:30.0]  Getting to know Stephen King
  • [0:03:56.6]  What made Stephen want to study Physio
  • [0:05:22.6]  Stephen’s passion for movement assessment
  • [0:07:46.0]  What led Stephen to start Movement Assessment Technologies
  • [0:09:20.1]  How did MAT differentiate Stephen from other practitioners
  • [0:11:25.5]  The MAT journey: How Stephen manages to practice and run his business at the same time
  • [0:12:10.9]  Getting to know Movement Assessment Technologies (MAT)
  • [0:14:08.0]  Feedback from patients who have received MAT assessments
  • [0:15:45.5]  Practitioners who use MAT
  • [0:16:38.7]  Creating a systematic approach to assessment vs. Letting clinicians have their own reasoning
  • [0:18:17.2]  How Stephen manages his business and life
  • [0:20:39.2]  How to integrate technology into your clinic’s system when you’re not a tech geek
  • [0:23:09.9]  Learn more about Steve and MAT

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