Grow Your Clinic Podcast with Jack O'Brien

In this episode, Jack shares his insights on some of his recent readings on Stoicism, its practical applications, and how it can help us overcome the common challenges we encounter in our fast-paced lives.


“At dawn, when you have trouble getting out of bed, tell yourself, “I have to go to work every single day.” What do I have to complain of if I am going to do that which I was born for?” – Marcus Aurelius, Roman Philosopher

“You get to curate the editorial of your life.”

“Within boundaries, there is freedom.”



  • [0:02:40.5]  Principles on Approaching Life with a Stoic View
  • [0:03:01.3]  Principle #1: Don’t Waste Time
  • [0:03:25.9]  Principle #2: Don’t Drown in Information
  • [0:03:50.7]  Principle #3: Don’t Engage with Crap
  • [0:04:40.1]  Principle #4: Use Technology Purposefully

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