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Get Upfront Value From Clinic Mastery

As a private practice clinic owner and as a member of our community, you’re might be wondering if a strategy session with the Clinic Mastery team could help you move forward with greater clarity and momentum.

Being in business is tough, the daily headaches of operations can often make you feel like you’re always putting out spot fires, taking your attention away from the important business growth activities.

If you feel like you’re lacking control of what’s going on week to week, then you’d probably benefit from getting some clarity and defining some structure with a strategy session moving forward.

Perhaps you’re even wondering if the Business Academy is appropriate for you.

If you are serious about working together and receiving the support you need to go to the next level, then the first and most appropriate step would be for us to meet one another as part of a strategy session.

After working with 100s of private practice owners and as part of our Business Academy, we know that having clarity about your situation, structure moving forward and accountability to implement the changes necessary often requires another perspective. That’s what we will give you at a strategy session.

Happy Clinic Mastery Group

Why Does Clinic Mastery Offer Strategy Sessions?

You might have heard about our Business Academy

It’s getting quite the reputation for being the most practical, no fluff, actionable business training for clinic owners!

It really speaks to our ‘style’ of, let’s pull up our sleeves and focus on getting results.

The thing is, we’ve got a lot to offer, but at the end of the day, it’s you, the clinic owner who has to implement everything on the front line of your business each day.

What that means is that we need to find out who’s cut out for the intensity of the academy, who’s got the hunger and who’s passionate about transforming the way they lead their clinic.

Marion Giddy Case Study

The best way for us to determine who could join us in one of the 4 enrolments we have each year is to meet you before you apply.

Now, you’re time is valuable so we thought that if you are serious about growing your clinic, we’d be willing to give you a heap of value upfront to show you what you could get as a member.

If we’re not a good fit after the strategy session, then we can go our separate ways and you’ll have at least moved on with some clear action points to implement.

If we are a good fit, then we’ll definitely follow up with a second strategy session to review and progress to the application stage.



Who is it For, Is it Right for You?

The strategy session is ideal for someone who looking to join our Business Academy and really take their clinic to the next level.

The Clinic Mastery Business Academy is an Exclusive Business Accelerator that is by Application Only for clinic owners who are dissatisfied with the rate they are growing and the lack of support and direction available for them.

Happy Members

There are three key attributes that we associate with a Business Academy Member:

  1. Entrepreneurial Spirit

    1. You have a grand vision for transforming your client’s experience, you’re not bound by tradition.
  2. Values Mentorship

    1. You value efficiency and results so you enjoy tailored feedback and structured guidance.
  3. Loves to Hustle

    1. You’re driven by practicality and implementation, so you enjoy taking on a new challenge.

If you believe that you have these key attributes, and you’re considering the Business Academy, then let’s start with a Strategy session.



What’s In It For You?

The intended outcome of the strategy session for you is to:

  • Have clarity on underlying cause of your businesses current reality, position and situation.
  • Have structure in the form of 1-3 actionable steps to implement in order to move the business forward with purpose and precision.
  • Have an opportunity to learn more and apply for the Business Academy if suitable.

How is The Strategy Session Structured?

Prior to your strategy session, you will be asked to complete a short business audit which is a series of questions to give us insight into your clinic.

It’s important that you answer the questionnaire thoroughly because if you don’t our analysis of your business will be off, which means we won’t know how to help you navigate the growth ahead.

The session will ideally take place on an online video call, either Skype or Zoom, but we’ll have a phone as back up. That’s so that we can meet face to face and make a personal connection.

Well explore where you clinic is at right now by reviewing your key statistics and also getting further context on your challenges.

We’ll identify the highest, most important and valuable aspect of your business that you need to transform and provide 1-3 key actionable action you must take.

At that point if you see the value in working together, and we believe you’d be a good fit, great, we’ll organise a second strategy session.


At the second session we can review your ability to implement, refine your plan and if appropriate, you’ll be able to Apply for the next Business Academy enrolment.

If you don’t want to move forward, that’s fine too. 
Worst case you would have received some free advice from the Clinic Mastery team which will help you generate growth into the future.

Ultimately this is for people who take action and know a good opportunity when they see one.

If that’s you, today is the day you step up and take your business to the next level.

How Long is The Strategy Session?

Your initial strategy session will be up to 45 minutes.

This is where we will figure out exactly what you need, and how to make it happen.

How Much Does it Cost?

All you need to do is invest your time, 45 minutes.

You’re time is valuable so we thought that if you are serious about growing your clinic, we’d be willing to give you a heap of value upfront to show you what you could get as a member.

If you’re going to make and investment of time and money, you want to be confident that it is going to be worthwhile.

So, what we can do is provide you with a minimum of 1 Strategy Session to help you find comfort in your decision and see value in your investment.


Award Winning Clinic Owner

What are the Obligations & Expectations of You?

To get the most out of the session together, you’ll want to understand this this:

  1. You’ll be ready to talk at the scheduled time so that you have the full capacity to ask all your questions
  2. You’ll be open, honest and engaging about the actual (real) position of your business right now so that we’re making sound, factual decisions
  3. You’ll provide at least 24 hours notice if you need to reschedule so that we can arrange to speak with another member of our community
  4. You’ll follow through and implement the recommendations strategised on the call within 7-14 days to get results in your clinic
  5. If you find the advice practical, the time valuable and the connection personal then you will organise a follow up review within 7-14 days so that we can help you even more
  6. Throughout the process, we want to be judged with whether we live by what we say, because, any time we don’t, we don’t believe we deserve to retain you as a member of our community.


What Can You Expect from Clinic Mastery

  1. You should expect us to have your best interests far and way ahead of ours. You should never worry or concern that we are doing anything just for the economic purpose above your interests.
  2. We’ll help you take control of your situation with least amount of stress and the most amount of clarity.
  3. If we notice prior to the strategy session that you’re not suitable or a conflict exists within our community, we’ll tell you beforehand and direct you elsewhere.
  4. We’ll focus internally on clinic inefficiencies so you minimise expenditure and have more control over the results.
  5. We’ll deliver our recommendation within the context of Leading Great Teams to Deliver Amazing Client Experiences and put People before Profits.
  6. If we believe you are an exceptional representation of what it means to be a Clinic Mastery Member, we will invite you a second Strategy session.



Ben Lynch

What Happens After the First Strategy Session?

If at the end of the first strategy session we believe your clinic is not suitable for us to continue working with, then we will advise you.

You will have taken some good strategies and insights how you can grow your clinic.

If at the end of the first strategy session you believe we have given you value and we believe that there’s a chance we could work together, then we’ll organise a second strategy session.


At the second strategy session we’ll review you ability to implement change in your clinic by what you’ve done since the first session and determine if the business academy is right for you.

If you are interested and once you are approved by a Clinic Mastery Team Member, you will be invited to apply to enrol in the next (only 4 p.a.) Business Academy cohort.

Happy Clinic Mastery Group


If you’re serious about growing your clinic, let’s talk!

There is only upside in having a practical strategic session.

This is not pitch fest or sales call.

Even if you are going to join the Academy, we want the strategy session to be massively practical because you’re time is so valuable.

The reality is that we only have a handful of clinic’s join us at each one of the 4 enrolments per year and we’re only accepting committed clinic owners.

It’s likely you have worked hard to get to this point, but you’d like to experience more fulfilment and reap greater rewards for being in business.

If you think we could help you experience that, then please organise a time today!


Until Next Time,
Live with Passion & Serve with Care

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