Systems for Private Practice: Gary Vaynerchuk’s Document vs Create Method

One of the most common questions we get asked is, “Where should you start when creating systems for private practice”.

It’s shortly followed by, “I just don’t have the time to create systems”.

Even though we give our Business Academy members over 100+ systems and templates to plug and play in their business (give them the fish)…

You still need to know how to create systems in your private practice (teach you how to fish).

Around June 2018, one of our members, Giulian was flat out.

He was managing a clinic renovation, hiring 10-12 new team members, managing a team of 30+, still seeing 20+ clients a week and being a good family man/husband at the same time.

We started talking about creating systems to help reduce the reliance on him.

He nearly had a heart attack (thank god my CPR skills weren’t tested out).

The End Goal Is To Confidently Delegate Tasks To Others

Our intention was to be able to delegate more tasks to the team.

The best outcome would be that the team could follow the steps for any task exactly.

That means they need a system to follow.

Enter Gary Vaynerchuk’s Advice: Document vs Create

I know how precious your time is.

In that moment, I could also see how precious it was for Giulian.

Then, the wise words of Gar Vaynerchuck appeared.

Document vs Create

Now Gary uses this in the context of marketing, but we needed to use it for operations.

Literally, we were standing on the shoulder of giants in this coaching call.

I said to Giulian, “what if we didn’t make this any extra work for you”.

What if we made the work you’re already doing more intentional when your in the moment.

That would mean you don’t need to ‘Create’ extra time in your schedule to sit down and write up a system.

What it would mean, is that you more intentionally perform any given task.

So that it’s done properly, and in that moment, document yourself doing it.

Essentially you’d be killing 2 birds with one stone.

As gruesome as that saying is….it’s what we were doing.

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How We Used Gary’s Wisdom

Here’s a couple of ideas of how to document yourself when you’re doing a task.

Step 1: Document
  • Phone Video Recorder
    • Turn your phone camera on and video yourself doing the task
  • Phone Audio Recorder
    • Turn your phone voice recording App on and record speaking through a task
  • Screen Video Recorder
    • Free – Use screen recording Zoom.us to capture computer screen tasks
    • Free – Use Q-time Screen Recording on Apple Mac
    • Paid – Use Jing
Step 2: Record
  • Turn Audio / Visual into Text
    • Use a transcription service like rev.com
    • Use a team member who can scribe while you talk/act out the system
Step 3: Implement
  • Send your team the recordings and transcriptions to know what to do
  • Get your team to send questions via Slack or Email
  • Track the performance/completion rate of the task in the following weeks

The Ultimate Outcome = The Team Take Over

Show your team how to document vs create and they will continue to make life easier for everyone.

In Giulian’s case, his admin now LOVE documenting what they do.

There now increased productivity of his team and much more consistency between team members.

Not only can your team run with this process, they will find way to improve upon it.

Thats the ultimate outcome = Constant and never-ending improvement.

documenting workflow

(c) Can Stock Photo / Esermulis

Here’s A Few MASSIVE Upsides To Documenting vs Creating

  • Reduce reliance of you performing systems by delegating to others
  • Feel confident in your team’s consistency because you documented the standard
  • Leverage your time by documenting what you’re already doing vs trying to create time
  • Rapidly develop your content/systems library which add $ value to your business asset
  • Remove the reliance on key people so you’re not so influenced if/when they leave you


Systems are the key to consistency and they reduce the reliance on key people like you.

So when you’re able to document as you go, you leverage your time.

We can give you a real advantage by offering you our systems and coaching you on how to implement for sustained growth.

If that is appealing to you, let’s discuss if we have what you need.

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