Talking About I.T. Support with Adam Johnstone | Grow Your Clinic Podcast | 049

Adam Johnstone from the iGenius Group joins us this week to talk about the I.T. aspect of our business and some of the ways I.T. support can help you save more time and lessen your clinical expenses.


“I.T. is a combination of the software and the hardware that drives your business.”
“If you always look at I.T. as a cost, you can miss some times when I.T. can actually produce an income or some type of competitive investment in technology.”
“Consider your I.T. provider as someone who’s really going to help save you some unnecessary expenses.”



  • [0:01:05.8]  Adam’s backstory, what got it him into I.T. and founding iGenius
  • [0:03:32.7]  What exactly is I.T.? What do I.T. people do?
  • [0:05:28.9]  Hardware and software I.T. people deal with on a day to day basis
  • [0:08:31.8]  Tips to engaging with your I.T. provider: what to ask, what you need to know, goal-setting and what information you should provide
  • [0:14:46.2]  Are I.T. services an investment or an expense? What’s the cost of not investing in I.T.?
  • [0:19:56.9]  I.T. staples Adam uses and recommends
  • [0:24:01.7]  Should clinic owners get their GSuite professionally set up or should they just do it by themselves?
  • [0:27:51.6]  Contact iGenius for your I.T. needs!

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