Meet the Clinic Mastery Team

Mentors & Coaches

Andrew Zacharia

Physio & CMBA Mentor

Annie Strauch

Physio & CMBA Mentor

Michael Rizk

Physio & CMBA Mentor

Peter Flynn

Physio & CMBA Mentor

Ryan McCathie

Exercise Physiologist & CMBA Mentor

Travis Kluckhenn

Physio & CMBA Mentor

Rebecca Clare

Clinic Owner, CMBA & Admin Mastery Mentor

Brigid Linden

Clinic Owner & Admin Mastery Mentor


Daniel Gibbs

Founding Director
Podiatrist & Coach

Ben Lynch

CEO Clinic Mastery
Podiatrist & Coach

Jack O'Brien

Director Clinic Mastery
Physio & Coach

Shane Davis

Director Clinic Mastery
Podiatrist & Coach

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