Hi there,

Exercise Physiologist

Clinic Owner of Rebound Health
Clinic Mastery Coach

Hi, I’m Andrew
I’m the Director of Rebound Health in Sydney – a multidisciplinary allied health practice incorporating EP, Physio, Dietetics and OT across three clinics on the northern beaches.

Through my own journey as a member of CM, I’m privileged to offer support and guidance to all business owners looking to find the fulfilment and passion in their lives – inside and outside of the clinic.

In a nutshell I love..

My wife Brooke and kids Ethan and Alice – they ground me and keep me focused on what’s important


Because you can always get better at it


I mean…..do you need an explanation?


I have always been very into sport, so EP was a way for me to help people, and be active at the same time

Im passionate about the team – a core reason for growth is to provide our wonderful team the opportunity for experiences outside of clinical work
My legacy statement – Live Authentically, Praise loudly, Be good

I love creating great team culture

Team engagement is about getting vulnerable and having deep conversations to create relationships. It is about setting a rhythm to connect with each person and taking the time to be completely present with that person.

From the words of the Dalai Lama ‘Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible’. It does not take much effort to show kindness in everything we do, yet the impact is significant.

How I can help you
Organisational Structure

Many owners find themselves as bottlenecks in their business. I love helping owners refine their role, and getting the right people in the right seats on their bus

Team Culture

Attracting amazing team members to your business and giving them the environment to thrive

Being Multidisciplinary

Fostering clinic growth and client outcomes through an integrated approach to healthcare

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