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Speaker & Business Coach
CEO of Clinic Mastery

G’Day, I’m Ben
I realised after a number of years practicing Podiatry that I became more interested in the person at the end of the foot, than the foot itself. I’ve had a passion for understanding what makes people enjoy a better quality of life and that has inspired my drive to be creative and systematic about the communication and connection with clients as part of their experience.

Clinic Mastery Golf with Ben Lynch
Ben Lynch Family
Ben Lynch Loving Coffee
Ben Lynch Sports Fanatic
Clinic Mastery Golf with Ben Lynch
In a nutshell I love..

Adelaide, South Australia
We love going the the Loose Caboose cafe every morning


My test of Character. The golf course is where I feel at home and at peace.


Cafe’s Are Home. The cafe is where I feel inspired to see the bigger picture.

Sport Fanatic

Go the Power. Sport, especially AFL is where I get passionate


As a youngster I played a lot of sport (Cricket, Hockey, Golf), so I figured, if I didn’t make it as a professional athlete, the next best thing would be to work with them. Seeing the physio, sports doctors and trainers on the football field inspired me to be in a musculoskeletal health field. My original training was as a podiatrist and I then had further immersion into manual therapy where I was able to work with elite athletes and weekend warriors to help keep them playing at their best.

Throughout my career I have served on the South Australian Podiatry association as a board member for 4 years, where I was able to be part of leading conferences, workshops and member engagement. I’ve worked in the country and city, I’ve worked in high volume manual therapy, to residential aged care, nursing homes and in premium modern podiatry practices. Most recently my podiatry career was retired as a team member of the Foot & Leg Centre in Adelaide. It was the opportunity to take over a clinic that was the catalyst for my realisation that I was more interested in the person at the end of the foot, than the foot it’s self, hence why we created Clinic Mastery.

Since I was 11 years old, I would constantly be drawing and designing the brand creative for businesses I loved or of business ideas that inspired me. My first side hustle was a surf and streetwear brand called Margeram when I was 15yr, I created and sold my t-shirts at school. I now bring that same eye for design and detail to the visual branding and communication of client experiences for Clinic Mastery.

Through seeking the mentorship and training of Business Coaches around the world, whilst also studying the online education landscape, I knew that we could scale and systemise the delivery of the coaching clinic owners wanted to grow their clinic. Our collaboration was then brought to life by Shane who had the greatest experience and insights into how we could work with clinic owners in a more structured, outcome driven and practical way. Over a round of golf we all resonated with the client experience focus for growing private practices and so the Clinic Mastery Business Academy was born.

Keep it Simple.
You don’t get any extra credit for making it harder than it needs to be, so strive for a simpler way to do things by focusing on the outcome you desire and taking massive, high value action.

How I can help you
Strategic Planning

You’ll need a clear business map to guide you through your growth journey. I’ll refine your outcomes and strategise your plan.

Leadership Communication

You’re going to need to be an effective communicator to facilitate change. I’ll refine your self talk and people speak.

Branding & Marketing

You’ll need to differentiate yourself in the market with a consistent & authentic message. I’ll refine your creative content delivery.

Client Experience Journey

You’ll need to strategically wow patient to creating loyal raving fans in your clinic. I’ll systemise your client’s journey.

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