Hi there,

Clinic Owner, Boost Health Collective

Business Academy Mentor,
Admin Mastery Facilitator

Hi, I’m Brigid (or Bid, for short!),

I love the abundance mindset of our wonderful Clinic Mastery community. It is the relationships in business that make the magic happen and that is what lights me up. I am motivated by providing opportunities for others to shine and achieve their goals, whether that be in CM, in my clinics or with my kids and their friends on the netball court. Set the goal, develop the action plan, build the systems and create the habits!!

In a nutshell I love..

Melbourne, Australia.
I love spending time with my husband, three daughters and giant dog.


I live on a hobby farm, striving to produce much of our own food while caring for many gorgeous animals.

Beach & Bush

Summers are all about Nippers at the beach and camping & waterskiing at the river.

My Team at Boost

This crew is amazing and inspire me every day with the way they nurture our community.


I was actually a Primary School teacher when my husband, Mike, started up the clinic in 2011. I happened to be about to go on maternity leave with my second daughter when he opened so I naively thought I’d help him get on his feet and then head back to the classroom. All these years later and I’m still there… completely loving being in health care; nurturing our patients and accelerating the careers of our team through our mentor program. We now have two multidisciplinary clinics based in Nunawading and Ringwood with a team of 15 including Podiatrists, Physios, EPs and Myotherapists.

After “accidentally” falling into the Practice Manager role in our family clinic, I soon caught the bug of being able to have such a significant impact on our team members and our patients.  As a teacher of eight years, my passion lay in education and I was so surprised to find how much cross-over there is in education and business ownership. The structure, systems, planning and creativity I employed in the classroom have helped me create a business with strong foundations… plus this passion also led to me thoroughly enjoying creating awesome learning and development opportunities for our team members.

Mike and I were one of the first businesses to join CM back in the early days, motivated by the desire to create an amazing team culture and lead our team effectively.  Our coach, Shane, guided us towards achieving this aspiration (and more!) in a very short time which has enabled us to have the freedom to entrust our team with our business and know that they are exceptionally capable and supported with slick systems, while still having the passion to grow our business.  I now have the privilege of helping other business owners and their Practice Managers to create exceptional client experiences and lead successful teams.

Set the goal, develop the action plan, build the systems and create the habits!!

How I can help you
Team Culture

Together we are better. You’ll need your team with you, I’ll help you develop these strategies.

Leadership & Mindset

Finding clarity around your why will help you lead your team. Doing it with love is something that I can help you with.

Logistics – Clinician vs Owner

Patients. Team. Life happens. Work happens. Let me help you sort through what needs your focus right now.

Client Experience Journey

Discovering your ideal client and their ideal journey is important. I can help you systemise this so you get it right every time.

How Does Your Clinic Score?

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