Hi there,


Clinic founder & owner of Ballarat Myotherapy Clinic
Clinic Mastery Coach & Mentor

Hi, I’m Kate
I grew up in a family of small business owners. You could say it was in my DNA. I learnt working hard and investing in yourself and business was a great strategy for professional success. This would come true for me, leaving home for university at 17, investing in my first property at 21 and starting my business journey at 23. I wouldn’t change a thing!

In a nutshell I love..

Husband Josh, son Jimmy 4 and daughter Florence 3 (Yep, 15 months apart!)


Coffee – with anyone, anywhere – Almond milk flat white 🙂
Spending time with immediate and extended family
Working with amazing people who inspire me


My creative passion is to paint – mostly acrylic & mixed media on paper and canvas. I also LOVE to ski, only skied on the Victorian slopes so far – Looking to ski in NZ, Japan and Canada next! I’m a bit of a strategy fiend too, you may find me from time to time completing a puzzle or numbers game to get my brain into gear 🙂


I played a lot of basketball during my school years which led to several ankle injuries and visits to the Physio. I remember being really interested in the treatment asking lots of questions like ‘What are you treating there? and why? It was during my later highschool years I found enjoyment learning Anatomy and Physiology in Year 12 Phys Ed. My passion for the biosciences combined with my love of working with people led me to studying Myotherapy.

I started my own practice believing I could create an inspiring space for my own professional growth and an environment to nurture other Myotherapy practitioners who were looking to create their own impact within the relatively new industry.

I came across Clinic Mastery during a pivotal time in my life and business. I had a very young family, I needed to completely transform my business and I had no idea where to begin. Through the coaching journey I successfully restructured the business, built it up as an asset, and sold the business within 12 months.

We must first seek to understand. There is no confusion, only varying degrees of clarity.

How I can help you

You’re going to need to be an effective leader to facilitate change. I’ll refine your vision for so that you get better outcomes.

Team Engagement

You’ll need to attract, recruit, induct and retain high-level operators. I’ll systemise your team development journey.

Client Experiences

You’ll need to engage and align your team with your vision. I’ll help you create a great place to work.

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