Hi there,


Clinic Owner of iMove Physiotherapy
Director of iMoveU Practitioner Training
Business Strategist

G’Day, I’m Mic
“What a time to be Alive” – I love it because it’s true. Your ideal client, your patients, your brand, your income,  everything you want is at your fingertips. Nothing is impossible. The only thing stopping you from getting your desired outcome with todays devices and technology is YOU… what a time…!

In a nutshell I love..

My amazing wife KB and 2 chickens : Shawshana and Jessa

Spare Time

Video games, coffee, helping my team be superstars

My Interests are

Poker, Gaming, NRL DRAGONS, Cricket = Sri Lanka…

My Dream

is to own the DeLorean from Back II the Future.


2 x ACL knee reconstructions when I was 15 and 17 led me to physiotherapy.

Now, I lead iMovePhysiotherapy – 5 clinics across Sydney.

I also lead iMoveU – Private Practice Ready, practitioner and student training.

I am a culture guy, I love leadership and being okay with not being a practitioner. I love social media and content, building a blog, running Facebook Ads, and a new patient Mogul.

How I can help you
Practitioner Mentoring

You’ll need to performing practitioners to serve your growing client base. I’ll help you train and retain quality talent.

Leadership & Mindset

You’re going to need to be an effective leader to facilitate change. I’ll refine your vision for so that you get better outcomes.

Know Your Numbers

You’ll need to understand the key numbers in your business to make sustainable decisions. I’ll help track your numbers.

Client Experience Journey

You’ll need to strategically wow patient to creating loyal raving fans in your clinic. I’ll systemise your client’s journey.

How Does Your Clinic Score?

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