Peter Flynn

Clinic owner of Physio Fit Adelaide
CMBA Mentor, Clinic Mastery

G’Day, I’m Peter!

I LOVE helping people!


Practitioner Mentoring

You’ll need to performing practitioners to serve your growing client base. I’ll help you train and retain quality talent.

Leadership & Mindset

You’re going to need to be an effective leader to facilitate change. I’ll refine your vision for so that you get better outcomes.

Know Your Numbers

You’ll need to understand the key numbers in your business to make sustainable decisions. I’ll help track your numbers.

Team Member Engagement

You’ll need to engage and align your team with your vision. I’ll help you create a great place to work.

Life as a Physio

Ever since growing up playing high level tennis, and sustaining a few injuries, I’d wanted to become a physiotherapist to hep other athletes and was really passionate about others pursuing their dreams!

After working in a couple of different settings, I launched Physio Fit Adelaide with Andrew Zacharia, which we are so proud of – an expanding team, multiple locations, helping 1000’s of people and changing healthcare for the better!

Life in Business

I’ve always had a knack for numbers, and a strong entrepreneurial spirit – business has come fairly natural to me.

I believe that most of business is a skill – that can be honed, and worked on. With the right work ethic and commitment to your values, you are in control of your business and your success. We have proven that with our clinics!

My Core Message

Invest in yourself, invest in your team and invest in your business.
It is an investment that will continue to pay you back : week on week, month on month, quarter on quarter, year on year both now and forever.

Let's Connect

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