Hi there,

Exercise Physiologist

Owner, Hunter Rehab & Health
Mentor, Clinic Mastery

G’Day, I’m Ryan
I love helping clinic owners create amazing client experiences. I was a member of Clinic Mastery as a client, and after implementing the systems and experiencing the benefits first hand, I knew it was the real deal. I began my Clinic Mastery journey as a sole trader, and now own a company of 10 staff that runs without me, all thanks to the support and guidance of Clinic Mastery. Now I get to coach other business owners how to achieve this! I love it!

In a nutshell I love..

Ebony (Fiance’), Indie (Dog/Daughter) & Summer (Cat)


Gym, coffee, beach, golf, smashed avo. Repeat…

Sport Fanatic

Newcastle Knights (rugby league) Season Member. Play Touch Footy. Love a day at the Races


I absolutely love exercise and it’s long list of amazing benefits. From a young age, I loved helping friends and family rehab their injuries. I remember at age 8, I attempted to strap my Dad’s ankle after he had sprained it. It gave some minor relief and he was grateful. I loved that feeling!

At age 9, I collected all the flowers planted at school, boiled them in water, then strained and bottled the remaining liquid into glass bottles and sold the teachers “perfume”. (They may have bought it out of pity).

I believe a combination of working in sub-par organisations and my passion to promote Exercise Physiology was what inspired me to start my own business. My partner gave me all the support and motivation to quit my job and start the business. It was a real sink or swim moment which I thrived on!

“Take massive, imperfect action towards your goals, there is never a perfect time to start”

How I can help you
Strategic Growth

You’ll need a clear business map to guide you through your growth journey. I love joint ventures and business partnerships.

Leadership Communication

You’re going to need to be an effective communicator to facilitate change. I’ll refine your self talk and people speak.

Team Engagement

You’ll need to attract, recruit, induct and retain high-level operators. I’ll systemise your team development journey.

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